Steelers - Go RB in the draft?

Whaddya think? Jackson at RB? With Williams out of USC entering, Big Ben QB might actually drop to 11. What to do, what to do?

I say Jackson at 11, then OL round 2, followed up by D backs.

DB help is what they need. Deanglo Hall in the first, RB in the second.

if i were in cowhers shoes i'd go top Gamble or possible go OL if i could get one of the two top tackles at that position.

if not i'd try and trade down for an addition low second or high third and go Center or RB Third Round

Big Ben as u put it, will not drop to 11th....The steelers IMO need a QB.

Shit, this is going to hurt. A lot.......

shadetree is correct

The Steelers need to look at picking up a QB, and Roethlisberger (sp?) will me a memory by the 11th pick.

most mock drafts have Roeth... droping out of the top ten if not drafted by the raiders! who most are thinking are going to take one of the two big receivers!

why do the steelers need a QB they have MAddux locked up for 3 more years? the passing game hasnt been their weakness the last 2 years...the running game has...and thats cause of the lack of o-line. but o-linemen don't usualy go in the top 15 unless they re something extremely special

They have him under contract for three years, but do you think he'll last the whole time??

Kempo, who is their backup if maddux gets hurt..Not to mention, a rookie Qb normally needs time to develop..If he is available and thats a big IF, they would be dumb not to take Roeth.

You take Big Ben IF you look at the Stillers as a rebuilding project IMO.

Things are getting goofy with Williams entering. Ben could actually be there at 11.

I wouldn't be suprised at all to see a trade down.

"You take Big Ben IF you look at the Stillers as a rebuilding project IMO. "

thats the thing...Cowher expects the Steelers to push for a ring the next year or two! Going after a QB to Develope will never be a priority of Cowhers.

they are much more likely to go RB than QB. but honestly i can't see them doing anything except for OL in the first round. It was the most glaring weakness last year!

they feel they have a good secondary going into this year, with the developement of the Two young safties, and two young Corner's Plus Cowher still loves Chad Scott.

They have him under contract for three years, but do you think he'll last the whole time??

it won't matter who they have undercenter if they can't get an OL to protect him better than last year! or get a push of the line of scrimage for the RB to run behind!

I agree OL is a major concern. But you have two options worthy of a #11, Gallery and Andrews. Both will probably be gone. Andrews is a big question mark too with his recent weight problems (400+ egad!).

That's the thing. There are a good 3 or 4 legit positions they could go... which should tell you something about holes needing to be filled.

Oh, and fuck Scott. I swear to god if he wears his X or streamers from his helmet at training camp this year I'm going to slash his tires.

"thats the thing...Cowher expects the Steelers to push for a ring the next year or two!"

He is delusional if he actually believes this..But, i expect a coach to always be very optimistic..IMO, if Cowher has another bad season, he should be replaced.

He has 2, two, II, years on his contract. So he will try to win now. No rebuilding attempt next year which means another mediocre season.

Although, if the line gets healthy and they pick up a decent FA O-lineman, they draft a stud RB who turns out to be worthy, the young D backs show something ... it could be interesting I guess. And all could possibly happen this offseason.

well just read in the local paper here that they are intalks with philadelphia about left tackle tra thomas. and are going go go hard after one of the free agent Corners : Try Vinvent, bobby Taylor, Ahmed Plummer, Shawn Springs, and one or two others.

if they do both of those things i would be surprised if they did take Roeth...if he was available at 11th. bit don't thin Cowher would do that!

Ahhh, Springs or Plummer would be great!

If the sign a FA CB, plus a FA tackle, they'll go RB @ 11 and make a run at it next year.

Don't think they can really dump Gildon and Scott as it'll be too much dead cap money.

So one or two more years with this group, two more years for Cowher.

Edit: Oh, kepmowrestler, what about Plaxico. Last year of his contract. So we franchise him next year or (gasp!!) look to trade him this year?

gildon looks like he is going to restructor his salary and i think scott already did but i could be wrong.

they'll probably try to resign to a new contract after the draft like they've been doing the last few years. if they aren't able to they'll let him try the free agent market i'm sure.

I wonder if there are still teams out there that think Gildon can still play? Love to trade him next year.