Stefan Struve cleared to return to training


That's good news! Never want to hear about a fighter getting forced out early. Phone Post 3.0

really really good news.

I'm happy for mr. Struve.

Nice...I haven't heard anything in a while so this is a good surprise. Phone Post

Nice Phone Post 3.0

Great news for Stefan!

Guy always brings it and is always in entertaining fights, win or lose.

As the late George Carlin once said, THAT WAS A NEAR MISS!



War Struve!!!!!!

Sinful1 -

You summed it up perfectly. Did that as I read the article while working lol Phone Post 3.0

Amazing news! War Skyscraper!!! Phone Post 3.0


Really glad Struve is ok man.

Such a cool kid =) Phone Post

This is great news I've been praying for his recovery very glad to hear this. Phone Post 3.0


Cindy Phone Post 3.0

Awsome. Cant wait Phone Post

Positive news for a young fighter with loads of potential. Hope he makes a full recovery. Phone Post 3.0

He's got some unfinished business to take care of - especially if a certain LHW does end up getting forced to move up to HW at some point.

Great news. War Struve!! Phone Post

god bless !! Phone Post 3.0

Whether he fights again or not, this makes me very happy. Phone Post 3.0

Oh yah and, YEAAAAA SCIENCE BITCH Phone Post 3.0

FUCK YEAH!!! Phone Post