steinbeiss vs diaz 2

diaz found himself holding on to steinbeiss after being rocked with rays sledge hammer right and not having a clue where his mouth piece was. finding himself 1 round behind slowly pulled himself together to fight out of the 2nd round and being the vet he is winning the 3rd round.steinbeiss has definatley proved that he is most likely the hardest puncher in the 170 lbs div and is also a new up and comer that has only gotten better from this loss.rematch in ufc is well needed.they both deserve it.

TTT for Ray!!!

I have all the respect in the world for Diaz. The guy fights three very tough guys in a row in the UFC and then goes to a smaller show and still fights a bad-ass in the undefeated Steinbeiss. I didn't see the fight, but according to people that were there they said it was one of the most entertaining fights of the year. I'd love to see a rematch in the UFC so everyone can see these guys go at it.

Anyone have a vid of this fight?


ttt, Arizona Combat sports is the best team under the radar. We have wins in the UFC, K-1, King of the Cage, WEC, WCL, and Many more. We create some of the toughest up and comers around, with a stile that pleases the fans. We want Ray to have 2 more fights but we will be looking to go with Diaz in the near future. Tim and Ray looked scary in both of there fights and they improve every day. Ray still works full time and not trying to make any excuses, he was injured in training for that fight and they screwed him out of 2 minutes in the first round with Diaz. They maid it a 3 minute round instead of the 5 minute it was suppose to be, if you were there you know how that first round was going for Nick. Nick is a savage and are camp has much respect for him; we heard Ray broke Nicks ribs and both his hands in that fight and Nick fought on. We will be looking for a rematch soon. Tim McKenzie, and Ray Steinbeiss, not to mention all the other fighters at ACS are ones to watch out for.

Diaz should be in the UFC for sure, the guy belongs there, i would love to see him fight Nick Thompson or Josh neer. Neer and Diaz would be a war, then again Nick always has a war and never takes any easy fights, if the UFc wants I would fight him again and then everyone can see us bang it out again. The ICo is a great show and paid Diaz and I very well. So the ICO could set up a rematch down the road. I will be out a few months with a tore left bricep tear but will be back in the next ICO event in Stockton. The ICo promoter James Grunsky was a standup guy and it was a pleasure fighting for him. Thanks to all for there support.

heal fast combat sports also has a heavy weight that will be pride or ufc champ very soon...

no disrespect but steinbeiss isnt fighting war machine apple or joker.all are really good fighters but steinbeiss took the first step which was a big one and showed his skill.ray needs to go on the show or straight to the ufc.these other guys i mentioned have stepped up and all lost except sure apple will fight someone soon he is ready.

ttt for steinbeast

I have heard great things about the promotion and will be at the next event for sure..Keep an eye out for NCFA fighters in the stockton shows soon

Dan Black, are you kidding me? Diaz is made of steel, how the hell can anyone do that, now he is not human, fight a 3 round war then do that, unreal.

"Keep an eye out for NCFA fighters in the stockton shows soon"


"on another note Nick's crazy ass competed in a triathalon the next day.."

The guy is a machine! I don't think he ever gets out of shape.

It gets weirder. Nick stayed up all night and then competed at 6:00 AM the next morning. It wasn't a full triathlon, it was like a 4 mile run, quarter mile swim and 10 mile bike race. Something along those lines.

Ossma, First off I was stoked that Steinbeast did well.I knew he was tough.Second Joker really likes him and isn't asking to fight him, as you know their fight was rained out. I think they really like each other (more as friends as upposed to being intimate) .However I must point out that Joker is as ready as anyone and really should only take fights that are worth while,he is a monster.Good luck to all these guys as they all deserve to be making good money in big shows.As for Apple, he is a celebrity and carries a stick to control the chicks so what does he care.

Joker deserves a big fight and a shot at the KOTC belt, he is a good guy and we have become friends. I thnk he can beat some good guys right now and I knew going in he was going to be a tough fight. I have a ton of respect for him as a fighter and as a person. Erik Apple has two fights coming up, not sure on his fight this weekend, but Ray Elbe will be a good test to him. If Apple wins these two I would love to see him fight Tiki, War Machine shit talked me pretty good on my total combat fight in the DVD saying how he would put me in the air and beat me up. He has no punk in him but If he wants to fight me then we can arrange it, I would like him to atleast get on a winning streak and also fight a name before we fight but if not no big deal I will still fight him. I wish all three of these guys the best of luck in there fight careers and in life.

Before last friday I had heard your name a couple of times but pretty much had no idea who you were but after the Nick fight and you attitude on here, it's hard not to be a fan of yours.

TTT for steinbeiss

Thanks for responding Ray and much success ahead! Fred

Einsteinbeast for Pres....