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Hey everyone,

I am doing a follow-up to the first post on this. I recieved a few emails from interested people about carrying SteinerWear. We are beginning to branch out with SteinerWear in the US & now I am trying to get MMA academies or individuals that want to carry SteineWear in their facilities further west.

If you haven't seen SteinerWear gear and clothing yet....have a look at and let me know if its something you may be interested in.

Thanks Underground

Nice website

Thanks guys

great products!

Thanks Charles.....hey by the way..I'll have some AFC pics as well from our son as I can them...I'll let you know


cool thanks ron


ttt.....thanks again guys

We may be starting up an online store at

we have a data base of thousands of MMA/BJJ students and that
database is growing everyday. I am trying to find a company that will
help us out with some good prices on Gis to sell to the students of the
instructors the enroll with us. So far no luck. Check out my site and
send me an email at we may be able to help
each other out.




ron:I am not sure if it fits your business but I have worked with justin and he is a very standup guy.

nice site. prices look a little high to me. but im sure its good quality

Thanks Charles :)

Thanks for the info Charles... have mail

Steinerwear- Definitely hook up and do business with Justin Morris. I recommanded him to you 3 weeks ago when we first talked, because he is the premier guy for advertising and selling equipment here in Wisconsin. He is a true business man, very respectable, very honorable, and a great guy overall. He can be trusted, and will help you succeed with your business. I have known him since 1998 and have never seen or heard of a bad encounter with him or a bad business experience. Hope this helps you out!


Thanks for the kind words I apreciate it!


ttt for steinerwear and Justin Morris

Thank you so much guys...I will definitely be hooking up with Justin and his member-account company as soon as I get out of the hospital....seems like a great guy and we will be offering great specials very soon as well

Thanks for the kind words everyone...


steinerwear- good thing you asked me if i knew anyone interested....only guy i know that could help you and be successful is Justin Morris.