Steph Curry is over rated imo

The guy is the best shooter in NBA history and changed the way the game is played. With that said he is ranked too damn high.

He has won a lot of games and won championships but only with stacked teams, I mean his teams were ridiculous. When he doesn’t have a loaded team he still puts up good numbers but his teams under perform.

Leflop might be hated but he has won with less talent

I can’t judge him for the value of his teammates. Klay was drafted, in-house, as was Draymond. And Draymond is dramatically overrated. Can you blame Steph for Edward Twitterhands bandwagon-jumping onto the Dubs to get a ring?

Steph’s properly rated. Does anyone have him in their top five? If not, I would not argue, one way or another, his place in the back of the top 10, or just outside.

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I say he is too 10 not inside the top 5 like these modern pundits have him. If he can win a few with this team I might walk back my overrated comment

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One of the best shooters ever. The ref issue and lack of defense is what keeps him out of the top guards to me. Crazy opinion but I doubt he gets 25, maybe 20 against Gary Peyton. But dude took advantage of today’s game so he gets props from me.

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He is ungaurdable when he has a healthy Klay and other good shooters spreading the floor, and with the gay defense rules.

I was surprised to see Kevin Love slowing him down. Just imagine GP or Pippen with 90s defense rules.

That’s true. Pippen would have shut him down (or seriously slowed him down), and even worse, abused him in the post on the other end.

That’s a great point too. Currys offense drops when he is forced to defend. GP would be physical on both ends of the court and he would be jawing no stop