stephan bonnar = good commentator imo.

I really enjoyed stephan's commentary on WEC last night.

Yeah, he's probably the best fighter turned announcer since Bas Rutten imo.

I made fun of him last time for his shirt and red light stare.

I take that back this time, he did great!

 He's no Bas Rutten.

What I like best about him, is he seems to remain distanced and objective. You can tell that he is more about seeing both fighters perform well and put on a show, and doesn't suck the balls of every person with a fake or real Brazilian accent like some commentators.

Sagiv Lapkin -  He's no Bas Rutten.

There is only one Bas Rutten.

I thought that he was really good with his words. Also he gave a real good breakdown of whats going down. On top of all that he has a good sense of humour and lots of actual experience. It'd be cool to see him as a guest next to Rogan and goldy every now and then.

I love Pat. His knowledge of mixed martial arts is unmatched. But Bonnar is a better commentator. And no, Pat isn't mentioned in my shill contract.

 Pat is awesome. Bonnar is getting better. I hope they team him with Rogan and Goldie, the UFC needs a real fighter commentating. Bonnar also has a weird sense of humor that might work well with Rogan.

 I agree 100%.  He was great commentating last night.  

He's got a very likable personality. He's not arrogant, and not on the fighters nuts. best of all he doesn't yell and scream like a mad man.

I think he has worked very hard on his delivery and composure since last year and the results are phenomenal. He used to be a little monotone but no more.

Sagiv Lapkin -  He's no Bas Rutten.


 he should be the 3rd man in the booth with rogan and goldie

 He talk commentator at 205lbs of the night...

I like him too. I like how he gets so excited it sounds like he's about to choke on his spit.
It's funny because I got pretty excited during last night's card too.

brahmabull81 - Hes getting better because of the Afermath stuff on the UFC website he does. hes really coming into his own as a personality that can actually carry airtime.

I completely agree.

 Bonnar did great last night

I thought he did really good too. His voice seems to have gotten better if that's possible.....he's still a fucking jack off though