Stephan Bonnar not even top ten.

Tough as hell? Yes. Legend? Possibly. Great challenge for the GOAT? No. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble on how awesome Anderson is but he just beat Bonnar, guys. BONNAR! Phone Post

Not my point. But how does beating a guy who just came out of retirement solidify his greatness? Phone Post

dimesnake, stop.

You guys.... if Jon Jones beat the hell out of Tim Sylvia last night would this place be going crazy? Its the equivalent but more so since Tim was champion at one point. ANSWER THE QUESTION. UG. This place needs a reality check. Phone Post

Completely disagree with OP.  Anderson can make ANYONE look foolish.

Jon Jones vs Bonnar = Decision

Anderson vs Bonnar = Matrix like higher skill level TKO

Anderson smoked Bonnar, Jones couldnt finish him. Anderson>Jones

/thread Phone Post

I don't think there is anyone on earth who is impressed by the fact of Anderson beating Bonnar.

It is, of course, the manner in which he did it that is impressive.

If Jones were to one-shot Tim Sylvia today, yes, I would be impressed, and I imagine everyone else would be, too.

How dare he take a fight to help a card in his home country...Silva is clearly an overrated fighter