Stephane Patry makes me SICK!

You know, i've been on the UG for a year, and just because I dont post, or dont create threads, doesn't mean that I dont have friends that "worked" for TKO, or that I didnt read all the other posts.....or that I didnt pay attention.

JT McCarthy has been a very good friend of mine for the last 6 years, and was the person who got me obsessed with this sport....with the whole WORLD of MMA.

For the past 2 and a half years, I have heard nothing but "Stephane owes me money" "Stephane didnt pay me again" "Stephane fucked me over again"....I told JT that I had not lost faith in the human race, even if he had.....that this "Stephane" guy couldnt REALLY be that much of an asshole....but look where we are now. Stephane proved me wrong...he really is that much of an asshole.

I believed in Stephane, and I believed in his idea, and he has done a LOT for MMA in Canada, i'm not denying that, but by interferring in the Shut Up and Fight event, he's also doing a lot against it.

I believe that Stephane is the reason that Shut Up and Fight is NOT having their event take place. It's not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of fact. I have heard about how Stephane has SCREWED EVERYONE OVER.....for why not now? And if JT tells me that Stephane is behind this, then I have NO reason NOT to believe him.

I thought that this sport was supposed to be progressing, but it's going backwards.....thanks to people like Stephane and his kindergarten antics.

Showdown Joe said it best when he said that these companies should be working with eachother instead of against eachother.....I just wish that Stephane learned as easily as the rest of the world.

So, Joe, JT, and everyone else involved at Shut Up and Fight, i'm sorry that this happened to you. I'm sorry that people cant control their greed, and I'm sorry that you had to be subjected to someone who obviously has NO respect for the people who used to work for him, who helped his company become what it is, and someone who has little hope for the future of MMA in this country....

And to you Stephane....FUCK YOU. You're the sneakiest bitch on the face of the'll get whats coming to you...and you wont deserve ANY less.

He's a total asshole, and i'm SO happy that JT and Joe, and everyone else involved with Shithead Patry, FINALLY get to tell their side of things, they finally get to tell the truth....about everything.....

...oh....this is going to be talked about for ever on

just another point of view for you all to ponder:

"if some one rips you off once, shame on them. if they rip you off twice, SHAME ON YOU"

after my third fight with the (i'm not naming names today)got cancelled(without any notice...i was still training up to the event). I cut off any further attempts with this promoter.

If after getting screwed once, the screwees jumped ship. The screwers woud have to clean up their act or go out of business.

...there was a point to my staying Kage, I'll share that with you right now, here goes:

When I knew that the day of me not getting paid came and went, I figured that I had little to lose by staying on and continuing to put together a BOAT LOAD of great demos, such as audio/video packages. I knew after a certain point that I'd never see any of what was owed to me...atleast not until the court date.

Anyway, I now have a SICK demo, LOTS of audio, and offers coming out of nowhere, I've been getting phone calls from people who I've NEVER given my phone number to ! Needless to say, sticking around might have been a great idea for a while, but now the shit has hit the fan so-to-speak.

Time to jump off of the sinking ship once and for all. Don't think that I won't eventually get what's owed to myself and SDJ, we WILL win that fight.

Hope this helps shed some light for everyone as to why it took so long to finally leave. A sad combo of believing someone who you THOUGHT was a friend, and wanting to better my own resume. Period.

Take care,



As I told a few people last night ( I'll keep it tame ):

" Sometimes you need to get screwed a few times to become the Screwer!!! "

Well, sort of...:)

Sorry, for my french.

Qui présentement offre des gala de combat ultime avec autant d'intensité et surtout qui peut prétendre dire des insultes de la sorte publiquement sans se montrer
la face au monde et étendre les preuves de cette arnaque.

Sorry, M.jt McCarthy le match sera entre moi et toi.

...Okay, he's probably appologizing for his french because the person who translated this for me said his sentence structure is horrendous. She said that it looks like he went to an online translation service, and said something in english, and this is what it gave back to him.....I Digress....

She said that it means:

"Who, these days organizes ultimate combat events with such intensity and then can claim to say insults in this manner publically without giving his identity to others and without providing some proof of this rip-off. Sorry M.jt McCarthy the battle will be between you and me"

Who else speaks french? Is that about right? stawberry quick.

Hey Joey,

Thanks for your post, But I DID give my real name, the proof is on it's way, I don't give a rats ass who you are or what you believe, and you might wanna look around the forum and read ALL THE OTHER POSTS about Patry and the way he does business.

With a grand total of 1 post, your opinion means about as much as fresh dog shit to me.

"...that battle will be between you and me..." LOL ?!? Okay then, you come find me whenever you want, I'm not hard to find.

Take care,


Long time reader....first time poster.

I have been reading this forum now for about 10 months. Reading and learning everyone's opinion on the events within TKO/UCC. Also involving Mark Pavelich

I agree with WhatsBJJAgain, Stephane Patry makes me sick! I have never met and heard of anyone who screws people over more than this person. I would call him a man but I am not sure that a real man would pull this type of shit or betray his so-called friends or employees. Well former employees now!

I am very happy for both J.T. and Joe, that they have left TKO. I wish for them that SUAF would have worked out but I have no doubt that SUAF will be back on it's feet in no time and no Stephane or Mark will be able to take it down. In fact, it will go farther than TKO will ever to be able to go for 2 reasons.

1) The great people who work for the show(J.T. and Joe, in particular) and the great owners of SUAF.
2) Anyone who does any sort of work or fights at any of the events will not ever have to worry about when or how their paycheck will be put in their pockets.

This may be my first post but you better believe this won't be my last.

GOOD LUCK J.T. and Joe with anything and everything you do in the future!

Stephane may you fail as miserably at everything as you are now and have been in the past!


Hmm ever sinc emy first experience with Patry I knew he was a sleaze and got flamed for that when I got ripped for my $35 UCC ticket when the trip was cancelled. I hope you guys realize not to stand behind an asshole like that JT and SDJ.


I don't think you will ever have to worry about J.T. or SDJ ever being behind Patry or Pavelich ever again.

Since they left they have made it pretty clear they want nothing to do with either one.

Just check out the TKO website...every trace of them ever working there is gone.

two people with first time posts.

Very cool.

JoeyBenoit and MMAprincess welcome to the Canadian UG.

Joey you didn't make a phone call to B.C any time last week did you??

Just trying to follow up on something...

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Hey Frank, I feel for you buddy. You were one of the most hardest working fighters I'd ever met and you had this flamboyant personality as well. It saddens me that the Canadian MMA scene is almost in ruins now, when 2 years ago it was on the verge of something huge.


"It saddens me that the Canadian MMA scene is almost in ruins now, when 2 years ago it was on the verge of something huge."

That's the most insightful thing i've read all day....brilliantly worded.....

True, but I remember when JT was flaming people for critising Patry and UCCs unprofessionalismand disrespect to the fans and fighters. I would like to see an apology for that.

Beanhole, when you are the front man and in charge of PR you sometimes need to scuplt bullshit into crystal. I can say this because I've been through it before, you can't blame JT for being loyal.

Man, the more I read about this shit, the angrier I get. I definitely agree with you temp....there is no apology needed from JT

Thanks Moody and Temp,

As for you Bean, you need to pick one side of the fence to stay on. In another thread you were praising Joe and I for leaving, not 2 days later you're here giving me shit for being loyal ?!? Go read a book.

Either that or choose a side and stick to it. I was loyal to him because I (...much like you...) were lied to repeatedly, so, with that being said, should we all give YOU shit because you used to support him and his events ?

Think it over,