Stephane Patry makes me SICK!


Thank-You very much for the welcome to the underground.

When I was writing my first post, I was concerned that when it was added I would get people who would maybe agree with my opinions but still criticize me for being new to the UG.

But now I see that I was very wrong



You seem surprised that JT would be loyal to someone that he worked for. He represented the organization, do you HONESTLY think that he would support, or agree with any post on here TRASHING Stephane? Of course, on the inside he might have been, but he has an image to maintain, no matter how much he may have agreed with whatever was said previously.

And I for one commend him on his loyalty.

Crucifying someone for being loyal is rediculous. In this day and age, finding this quality in someone is so rare.

I agree with WhatsBJJAgain, I just hope that JT doesn't lose this quality about him after being screwed over in a bad business deal.