Stephen A Smith Vindicated!

Hard pass on mainstream approval for me if it means listening to people who don’t know shit about MMA, talk MMA.

Guess I’m a purist/elitist, I love Teddy Atlas, and I don’t even like him talking about MMA.

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I understand this perspective. I have to admit that I don’t pay attention to MMA that seriously anymore so personally, I would prefer for it to become more popular with the mainstream sports crowd, even if this includes SAS and the likes.

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Yes, people do it all the time. Chris Pratt has been brought in to talk about fighting by the UFC. I didn’t hear anyone complain. SAS played college ball. He has some understanding of how to preform on a high level. He was speaking to that. He understands what it’s like to show up and not preform to his abilities. He is more of an expert in that field than Joe Rogan.

The thing about Steven a smith is he gets paid to say the shit he says. He’s paid to race bait because the response gets views. Much like skip is paid to be the contrarian voice. Remember the smile SAS had after khabib cussed him out? It’s because he did his job.

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The cycle will not be broken as we venture closer to the first billion dollar contract to a single athlete.

Steven A. is a highly paid troll who makes it look easy to stir the pot in whatever arena is targeted. Don’t hang on their perspectives so much, they’re mostly engineered.

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Yea, I mean Al Michaels was great at calling football games because of the years he played in the nfl.

He is play-by-play, not an analyst.

Play by play is something an analyst does.

Is someone arguing that Rogan isn’t good at calling fights?

I think everyone whose seen him commentate thinks that.


Is it ‘he’s popular so fuck him he sucks’?

I don’t think Rogan sucks but I think he has declined. I liked him better when he was a technical mic man who was walking you through the steps of what was going on. Now he’s more of a hyperbole guy.

He’s good now, but used to be great.

No it isn’t. One announcer calls the action “play by play” so to speak, think Anik, Goldy, Al Michaels, Gus Johnson, the other commentator provides analysis or “color” these are typically former athletes or coaches. Can the play by play announcer provide some color? Of course but it’s usually very vanilla and not insightful.

So they call it the color commentator because its usually a black former athlete?

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As far as I’m aware, it’s color commentary because they’re supposed to be the colorful personality of the booth lol

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You joke, but watch, the term color commentator will be Cancelled before long.


They cancelled some square announcer for saying “cotton picking minute”

So, yeah.


Like how the black guy is always loud and jokin and laughin? So is DC the color commentary? Still seems like a racist stereotype to me.