Stephen Jones-Jim's son interview

I watch this show nightly. I thought some here might enjoy this interview with Stephan Jones. The son of Jim Jones.

wow, that was pretty intense.

I worked with one of the sons of David Koresh back in California, he was only 16. He was a smart good looking kid, and we hoped we could give him a bit of care, and let him just be one of the guys. It was hard because his grandparents were angry that their daughter made them leave Texas, and they called the boy the son of god. That is just too weird to imagine. He seemed like he might be okay, I really hope so.


What kind of shape was David's son in? Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

he was messed up a bit, but not as much as I would have thought. Spiritually he was very guarded and suspicious, but he accepted us and like what we were doing. But he was only a teenager.