Stephen Palling in Shooto still???

What's "Bozo" been up to?? I just now see that he lost to a then 2-0 Gilbert Melendez a half a year ago at the event BJ beat Gomi.

Does that have any impact on his Shooto rankings?? He has done very well in Shooto and his last fight there was a draw against Pequeno, who we all know is a badass. Any info would be appreciated. Oh, and That Melendez kid is probably gonna become more and more of a badass with each fight.

Bozo will be fighting on May 3 in Japan. No one really seen the fight going that way but sometimes that's the way fight game goes. Gilbert fought a great fight hats off to him. Back to Bozo, he's training hard for his upcoming fight and looking better than ever. MIKE(Jesus Is Lord)

The Loss to Melendez does not diminish his standing in the rankings, but it does affect his claim to the another title shot.

He drew against Pequeno so he was still on top of the contention scene. But it is a VERY tight title picture at that wt within the Shooto circuit. With Roque, Kid, and up-and-comers like Kadowaki, Takaya (fighting Bozo in May) Pulver (not a "up-and-comer" but new on the Shooto scene), and stallworts like Uematsu, Katsuta, and Ishikawa, there is no room for error.

That loss to Melendez does disrupt his leverage for challenging for the title again. A win against Takaya should help him reassert his place as a (if not "the") top contender...

I hope to see Bozo fighting in Shooto on July 7th in

Great fighter, in the past he took out KID Yamamoto by TKO (cut).

how did he get the nickname 'bozo'?

Paling Vs. Pulver in july shooto would be awesome

--- "Paling Vs. Pulver in july shooto would be awesome"

Perhaps the best stand-up battle at that weight

hell yeah unless he rematches the kid and the kid stand up

Awesome, thanks Rich and Mike!!! And Pulver vs Palling would be an incredible striking war!!!!

"bozo" is a badass...
glad to hear he's fighting again...