Stepover toehold

Could never get this one to work till someone gave a tip on when to catch it,dont know who it was but they said do it when the guy is shrimping to guard!I'll tell ya it works like a charm this must be the way the old timers used to get it on there opponnent because this entry's pretty high percentage you can even get the guy's back like that just an excellent tip.Since I cant remember who gave the tip I'd like to thank the underground just for being here as a learning tool.Thanks underground!

It was e. kaye who said that.

The "oldtimers" applied the move when their man was "turtled" or hugging the mat. It was used against a man who was giving his back and protecting his shoulders. You wouldn't use "guard" in a match that included pins.

Thanks E.Kaye!

I found found out who the tip came from now it was STH,Thanks alot man your tip was when you said you can nail it when your opponnent shrimps to guard.Wow you werent joking exellent high percentage technique,Thanks STH

Yeah, it works off of a shrimp (or a botched sweep) or if someone rolls from a heelhook and you can stop their momentum right away.

From the attempted shrimp you can also just go for an achilles from the side (which I prefer) or try to put 'em stomach down which is likely a guaranteed win.


Is David Tua training in grappling now?

that is the same move but from inside guard,I use it from sidemount when you just cant achieve full sidecontrol because of his shrimping being so good.exellent move works well for me!

Just be careful applying this on friends, If they don't roll over - POP!

yup pop but a quick victory!

man i wish more people was teaching CACC there is some very Nasty moves in that system.

The bottom escapes are my favorite thing he teaches I really like his side mount escapes,people can never hold you down for more than couple seconds then your out.

Actually that guy`s name is Bruce Lee.No Joke!


Thanks! I have never been able to sink a step-over toe hold, even though I practice it regularly. Shrimping seems like a perfect time to hit the move. I'll make sure to try it.

Also, I am interested in what Todd Milohan has to say about this move. TTT4Todd!



I posted on the thread on the Wrestling Forum, but it was more about the mechanics of the move. The discussion was about getting swept and mounted and I am not sure how that could happen.

cool tip, thanks! I have misplaced most of my Tony C tapes though =( got to clean up some stuff and hopefully they will pop up

"The discussion was about getting swept and mounted and I am not sure how that could happen."

If you dont' keep your posture I'm sure the person could just sweep but if anything it seems like you would end in a leglock position from a failed STH