Steroid Encyclopaedia . com

Do any of you guys have a membership there?

Is it a legit site?

Can you order steroids from them safely?

thx in advance

They don't sell steroids only info.

I would have to say any of the big web sites that sell steroid information like steroid-encyclopedia and elite-fitness are being watched and are full of plants.

*edit for clarity*

Both of those sites have unbevable information and are legit!


"They don't sell steroids only info."

I know... what I meant was, is their list legit? Can I order from these guys on their list safely (no fakes, scams, delivered, etc)?

Who's been through all of this?

Yes it is legit!

It's your business, but my suggestion is to stay away from steroids and most supplements. Your body produces its own safe, legal, and effective steroids that are induced in reaction to heavy squats. Of course, the downside is that you actually have to squat.......Just my .02 though.

thx for ur .02 cents, SRBEN.

by plants I mean people posting on the boards posing as Johhny-steroid when in fact they are not, kind of like cops posing as 13yr old girl in a chat room.

I have a copy of The Secrets Of Mail-Order Steroid Success: 2000 Edition. It's worth the $$$ if you are thinking about buying. It list the sources to avoid, who you can use and lost of other info.

I am a mod at SE.
So I know a bit about the site. :-)

Yes it is a real site, yes it is legit, no we do not sell gear, yes there is a list of legit sources. BUT, that being the case, do not come to the site with a post like the one that you made on here.

SE takes the information regarding gear VERY seriously. The site is about being educated and making the right decisions regarding gear, because while there is a lot of hype surrounding gear, you need to know what the hell you are doing. If you come there for the express purpose of only obtaining gear, I would make sure that you are banned, your money not refunded, and refused by the sources.

In more cases than not, newbies are told to wait before even considering gear. Someone mentioned "plants" on the site, as in law enforcement. Yes, there is law enforcement on the board absolutely. We know it, they know that we know it, and that is okay. The site is not set up to, nor is it the desire for SE to make money from the sale of gear. We do not sell it. However, there are links for one to safely obtain gear from trusted sources who will not sell something that is fake, and dirty.

It is a private board that has a membership fee. But it is more than worth it once you take the plunge the first time because of the money that you will save in other areas. If you join, which I recommend you do because you ARE considering gear, then i am sure it will not be hard to figure out what my moderators user name is... Just educate yourself before you do anything, big time. And I'm talking about spending at least a year learning.

Other than that, the SE community is a very tight nit community that always has great discussions without the invective that takes place on other boards. No flaming, and a huge sense of respect and brotherhood and some sisterhood among the members. it is probably the most helpful group of people that I know.

Look me up when you join!

Wrong drug to do that bro. Gear won't do it for ya.

Try lots of booze.

ov 1-great post thanks!

The pleasure is all mine! Sure would be nice to see some more familiar faces!Steroid Yes, it is misspelled. Intentionally.

is there a type of steroid that is rubbed on the feet? seriously, i guy i know says he can buy some that you rub on the feet from a guy at his gym . i told him i have never heard of this and to stear away from it. am i wrong or is this something new?

Steroids don't make your unit smaller, they cause your testicles to atrophy because natural testosterone production is inhibited while on gear, they return to normal after steroid therapy is ceased, proper post cyle therapy should be performed after every cycle!


Warfrog, drop me your email addy, I'll give you mine, send me the cash, and I'll send your bottle of vaseli... errr, foot test. :-)

There is a topical test, but not worth the expense or time.

ov1: do you have experience or feedback on cycles from mma athletes?

if so can you post some thoughts if you dont want to post them here could you email me at

most mods on the bb boards do not have much experience outside the bodybuilding world..


Thx for the great info ov1!

"Yes it is a real site, yes it is legit, no we do not sell gear, yes there is a list of legit sources. BUT, that being the case, do not come to the site with a post like the one that you made on here."

I really worded my first post wrong. I know they do not sell gear. What I really meant when I asked if they are legit or not was if their supplier list is legit. :)

I was also wondering how ppl don't get caught getting the gear mailed to their house... ??

thx again ov1

There are a couple of free sites that have "Scammer lists"

27crazy, you just haven't looked in the right place my friend. :-) What i've seen is that the workout is harder to config for the MMA athelete as opposed to the cycle. However, that being the case, proper cycles are hard to come by. Most guys think that a simple application of test once or twice a week is all one needs. Perhaps throw in some winny or tren for good measure. but few take into account post cycle recovery, or proper dosing to assure the quality gains. Also, cycle goals and current body stats are important before considering what one will do. i'll drop ya a line.

Zero, the sources are extremely good at packaging their wares. So much so that some people do not realize that they have their order in hand when the open the package. Each is different and each has his own method.