steroid question ????

what are everyone's opinion on performance and steroids when it comes to mma or grappling/wrestling ???...specifically winstrol v...which helps race horses and really leans u out...i hear it can cramp u up and I would say that since flexibility is key....wouldn't that be a neg ????....Please advise !!!..thank u...bras

If steroids didn't give athletes an unfair advantage, they wouldn't be banned. That should tell you everything you need to know.

My opinion on them is that it really portrays someones insecurity for their own skills. They should not be legal. Everyone in any given sport should be on an equal playing field with the only variables being genetics, training, and heart. That way we know who is really best, and not who has the best source and advice. I understand people take them and thats their personal choice, but I think if your going to take them to look big to self admitedely make yourself feel better than fine, but if your taking them to get an edge and take someones prize who isnt roiding, thats just wrong.

I agree with toddseney and Keoni in this thread.


"If steroids didn't give athletes an unfair advantage, they wouldn't be banned. That should tell you everything you need to know. "

Not saying I disagree but that's overly simplistic... recreational drugs like marijuana and lsd are banned by the OC- does this make them performance enhancing as well?

I respect your opinion to the fullest Keoni, but unfortunately that perfect equal playing feel does not exist, and I don't think it can.

We would have to ban all substances to level the playing field. There is no way we could ban all substances. You would have to start banning things like creatine, protein powders, vitamins, etc. anything considered performance enhancing, correct?

I believe there are a lot of guys out there who do not touch steroids just because the fear of legality. They will buy the newest and latest Andro-deca-testerone-17 just because it is a legal enhancer hoping for all the promised effects that only steroids can give.

Now it becomes opinion when talking about whats performance enhancing and what is not. Sure protein and steroids are not in the same category but personally when I take protein and vitamins I do it to aid my training and enhance peformance.

Should only genetic freaks compete at a high level? I am sure you know where I am going with this. What about the guy who lacks genetics and improves performance through drugs? Did he cheat? The genetically gifted individual may not have necessarily worked that hard to get to where he is. I personally have trained with guys who had a poor work ethic, but were still great athletes.

Unfortunately I do not think an equal playing feel can be defined and has many variables and aides.

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My personal belief is that steroids is just another aide like mentioned above. It is not meant to be the magic pill taken to create some sort of super athlete. I honestly do not see the difference on the "fair playing field" between the kid that used steroids in his football career and got accepted onto a D1 team, then the genetically huge kid whos parents had the money to pay for a private highschool that specializes in producing D1 kids.

"recreational drugs like marijuana and lsd are banned by the OC- does this make them performance enhancing as well"

I think toddseney was talking about steroids specifically not lsd and such, at least how I read it.


Weed and Acid are banned because the Man wants athletes to be good role models, not because they are performance enhancing.

Steroids enhance performance. The Man says this is unfair, so they are banned.

thank u for your responses but nobody has answered the question ???? something like a winstrol effective for a fighter in wrestling or mma where cardio and flexibility play huge roles ????....thanks.....Brasco

I don't know how to say this any simpler: Steroids are banned because they work all too well. If they didn't work, they wouldn't be banned.

Yes, there are professional fighters that use steroids. Yes can improve performance with out effecting cardio and flexibility.

Honestly this is not the best place to look for info. Fighters will always keep quiet in the public light because of fans opinion. If you do some research on the topic you will find that not all steroids will turn you into a huge, inflexible, muscle head with no stamina.

Honestly Keoni already mentioned the best training aide possible, and thats your heart. Hard work will always pay off.

The Man also doesn't want over zealous 15yr Boby to be OD roids because his fathers wants him to be as superstar!


Ok, to actually ANSWER the guy's question...

Yes and No. Winstrol has the potential to be beneficial to a wrestler so long as you don't suffer from some of the side effects. Winny is known for causing strength increase without making you gain much weight from water retention. Basically, you get stronger without getting much bigger. That property, along with a relatively fast clearance time, makes it a commonly used steroid amongst athletes who compete within certain weight classes. The downside to winstrol is one of its major side effects: joint pain. Many winstrol user experience anywhere from slight aching in their joints to excruciating throbbing. Speaking from past experimentation, I had horrible shoulder pain with winny. It was so bad that I would just want to sit with my arms crossed so I wouldn't have to use my shoulders. Assuming the user does have joint pain from using winny, glucosimine supplementation can help ease the pain. I'd advise anyone who plans on taking winstrol to begin taking relatively strong doses of glucosimine a few days before beginning winny; that way it'll be built up in your system a little before the winstrol kicks in (which doesn't take long since it's such a fast-acting anabolic).

Hope that helps a little.

Thank U very much for the info....Brasco