Steroid testing

Why isn't it mandatory for all UFC fighters to provide a test sample every week or 2 or monthly, whatever it takes to ensure everyone is playing by the rules? What's the point of even having rules and doing testing if people can cycle off and still pass come fight time? Take the doubt away from the doubters.

 Who says they want people to stop using?

They want to present the appearance of doing so for posterity, but the truth is PEDs probably keep this sport going when you factor in the endless injuries fighters have before fights. Recovery is key, steroids allow that to happen faster and better.

The UFC will continue to do its best to shut guys down that get caught, but that's to protect their business. What they WANT is for you to not GET caught.

What if the UFC or an athletic commission had a team of physicians who administered and monitored the use of substances to fighters who are injured? Is it possible to treat an injury without ultimately giving the fighter an unfair advantage?

JonesBonedTheFakeMrT - It cost more money to test that often, thats not how you run a business.

Lets say it's unreasonable to test every fighter every week or 2. What if fighters had to provide a sample every week or 2 but the testing is done randomly and at an affordable and reasonable pace?