Steroids and the military

My buddies are getting ready to start cycling some roids, and they wanna know if they'll come up hot on the piss test. Ive never heard of anyone getting busted and I dont see why they would mind. I mean you lose hair, get bigger and your intensity goes up. All 3 are good if your in the army. So does anyone know?

I seriously doubt the Army tests for steroids. The Navy does not. It's far too expensive, too easy to get a false positive, and quite pointless since there's little evidence to suggest that steroids will impair your job performance.

That said, buying and selling most steroids is a serious offense under federal law (haven't checked the UCMJ, but it's probably a safe bet). Even if you buy some of the legal ones (like trenbolone acetate/finaplex), using them on a human is a violation of federal law. (Yes, it is stupid, you can make a cow bigger but not yourself.)

If your "buddies" get caught in possession or selling, some serious prison time might ensue.

Is the extra physical advantage worth the risk? That's up to you.

I know of several Soldiers doing/have done hard time in confinement for using/selling steroids. Not worth the health or professional risks.


From my understanding when I was in the piss test doesn't test for steriods, BUT if they suspected you of taking them they could have you tested.

ten year's ago when i was in one of the guy's in a line company was found with some roid's for a horse and they tested him, it was a big pain in the butt, heard they would have court martialed him for illegal drug use had he popped.

from talking to the guys who handled the piss test stuff, they dont test for it. I think it was at brigade/divison level that they had to sign off on it.

That being said, make sure no one who is using is using coke or weed. thats how 2 guys I know of got caught. not from the steroids, but from the other drugs they were taking.

if you know anyone who was in korea, ask them about the piss tests. quite a few guys went on cycle in korea or when we deployed.

They do NOT test for steroids in the normal tests.

Only the commander or higher can ask for a test for roids.

As long as they aren't genetic huge sick looking freaks, and don't have anger managment issues and can keep it under tabs, they'll be fine.

If you live on base or on any military installation, DO NOT get caught with that stuff in your place!!!