Steroids are amazing! Why would your not do TRT in your 40s?

You are a filthy communist, that is the only reason why I would think you would not.

Steroids are a technology. A technology that works really well. Ze Germans invented it, so you know that shit works.

They’re like a turbocharger for your body. A Ferrari will handle it just fine, a Fiat will fall apart.

They help you build and gain muscle while being calorie deficient, you don’t realize how huge that is until you start working out while cutting calories. You can workout more, have more energy, feel better, lift more.

All you have to do is not get greedy and do not abuse it. Be smart and get quality stuff. Do a little dose at first to check if your body is geared towards it (pun intended).

Let me tell you a couple of three things, steroids are here to stay. You are not getting rid of them. It’s a technology that works. Human beings have never, in the history of humanity, have gotten rid of a technology that works. It either gets made redundant by something else or it keeps evolving.

Sports use it and will continue to use it, no matter how much the media bullshits and the fans are outraged. Ultimately, they support it. Recreational usage is increasing. With the ever increasing pressure on young men to look like comic book characters and YouTube influencers showing off the amazing gains it and life gives you, it will only become more prevalent.

If you are in your 40s, have a good, dialed in diet, work out and are reasonably fit and have money to get on a good cycle, you should do TRT. It’ll revitalize you and greatly increase your quality of life.

In 20 years steroids will be a standard prescription to keep people going.


You missed your true calling. Liver Queen done fuct it up you. For all of us.


What if I prefer to live long


You can live long.

How old is Arnold or Sly? What about Jean-Claude? Jay Cutler is almost 50! Dorian Yates is 60! Hulk Hogan is almost 70.

How long do you want to live?


Once you start taking trt, your body slows down on producing natural testosterone, correct? I’m 41 and still trane 2-3 nights a week. I would absolutely love an edge to be able to keep up with the 20 something ammys and pros in my gym, but I don’t want to start taking something that I will be dependent on for the rest of my life.


Also hair loss and blood clots


A marathon at 100 so I suppose 120 would be good


“Jay Cutler made it to 50” lmfao


What about that idiot rich piñada. I am sure there are hundreds of other examples.

There are just not enough studies yet but I am convinced it shortens your life span. The lord giveth and taketh or however you say that



The guys that won’t do trt are the exact same ones that save every penny, while living a miserable life, waiting on some magical retirement lol. I genuinely don’t understand this thinking. Everything after 70 is absolutely terrible. If you put off anything now in order to get a few more years after 70 you are truly a fucking idiot.


Because you can’t get them legally in Oz even from doctors. Very illegal and doctors avoid it. It is really shit


Oh no. You’ll just have to deal with it in your massive tropical paradise of endless opportunity :wink:


Seriously though the UK was the same until recently. There are several private companies that offer reasonably priced TRT here now. You’ve got less than F all chance of getting it on the NHS though.

I’m sure some Aussie entrepreneur will figure it out over there soon.


You’re overselling it.

Cost (trt is expensive) painful acne, balding, mood swings, water retention, having to get jabbed all the time and being completely reliant on it, destroying your endocrine system. If you were to have to go off for some reason (jail, health, changing locations) you would shrivel up like a woman in menopause and grow breasts.

I was on roids for a while and while the gains were appreciable I found the whole process totally not worth it and got out before my endocrine system was completely fucked. Also thinned my hair out which also thankfully recovered but probably wouldn’t have if I stayed on any longer.

Overall did not like my time on roids and it’s one of those things you are absolutely trapped to continue doing forever if you stay on too long.


It absolutely shortens your life span, enlarges your organs, ages the skin faster, balds you faster.

I think the tradeoff is pretty shitty just to look more jacked if you’re that vain. Especially considering it fucks with facial and hair aesthetics which is what women actually care about.


They have a purpose and are not all that bad when used correctly. But pro bodybuilders limits have been pushed so far beyond natural that the amounts they are doing is beyond abuse.

They are also more prevalent than ever before with the internet age, you have all these kids on various social media abusing them now too.

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If you start using test, you basically have to continue for the rest of your life, right?

Also, let’s say you take the proper dose as prescribed by a Dr, will your balls still shrink? Will there still be negative effects even if you use it 100% correctly?


Lol at “peak mentality in your 70s”.

I hope your penny saving is going well.


Yes your balls will shrink and there are a ton of potential negative effects even if used correctly, and if you encounter a problem that makes you have to go off you are going to be 10 times worse off than you were before you started. The TRT game is a minefield and only few come through unscathed.

I was waking up drenched in sweat, insomnia, hair shedding everywhere, bloated, nasty acne all over my back, some on my face and these are only considered minor/common side effects that I would have had to deal with my whole life if I stayed on.