Steroids in MMA

"New IF columnist Nick Thompson has alot to say about the fight world, and as a pro MMA fighter himself, Nick brings a unique and relevant perspective to the conversation. This week's topic is steroid use in MMA."


Great read. I was most interested to hear his view on steroids because Nick trains with Sean Sherk. Very good read.


Joe Lauzon for the WIN!

The word "epidemic" comes to mind when I think of steroids and MMA. (to be fair many other sports as well)

It's no coincidence that many MMA forums also have steroid forums and many bodybuidling forums also have MMA forums.


well written article but i have to disagree with Mr Thompsons opinion that the reason athletes take steroids is to look buff :)

"I never would have thought Stephan Bonnar was on. He looks like the guy next door."

Whats up with Bonnar these days anyways?

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Bonnar looks like the guy next door? He was ripped in his last few weigh ins. You live next to an athlete or pr0n star, huh?

Thanks for reading.

Not as rampant as the new scourge of MMA...WEED!

one thing that was touched on, but not quite enough IMO and that's the healing effects of steroids. That's majorly beneficial to an athlete.



Thanks for the ups ORB. Belated, but I'll take it