Steroids in Prison? If not...

If steroids are prevalent in prison, which they very well may be, then
nevermind me. But if not, I'd like to hear the rationale of those who
constantly cry "juicer" in MMA, considering that prisoners have limited
nutritional options and still manage to develope physiques that would
get an MMA'er tagged as a roid monkey. Perhaps a corrections officer
or two could enlighten me. Thanks.


Some people just have good genetics. I am a co and used to work in a prison where they (inmates) could get some supplements (very low grade cheap shit) and the diet is for shit eyet they were completely ripped. I still haven't quite figured it out except that it must be genetics.


So has that tempered your judgment on physiques in MMA and their

So why just genetics for cons but roids for professional athletes in an
aggressive sport?

I wonder how so many guys go into prison thin and come out fat with the terrible food they have in prison, I guess they are not to fussy with what they eat. Also many people who get sent to prison are on drugs and are skinny as fuck, a lot of them bulk up heaps from just eating 3 meals a day and not being on meth, crack or smack all the time.

Any roids in prison?

any authoratative words on this? CO?

I've seen some massive ass people come out of prison, and all cut up. I've also seen people in the county jail in California just blow up like magic once they are off of the heroin.

Whether it be genetic freaks attaining potential, or regular folks getting
serious, it seems folks can get huge without juice. So...why the
assumption that pros are cheating when they show up in shape?

cause a lot of them ARE juicing

(id do the same thing, its a tough sport)


While locked up in So Cal, I saw a Beverly Hills nerd boy come in, hit the weights and actually buff out. Some people just have the genes for getting yoked out.

On the other hand, I've seen a lot of roid boys and know how they look too, with their red skin and shaved head or mullet and paper thin shin.

At anyrate, I dont just accuse people of roids.

Well if you only train and then go back to your cell, then i guess hard training + rest = u knw..

So why the misunderstanding as rule?

black- wake up and smell the coffee, some people have the genes but when you see huge and ripped fighters you have to wonder

also several highly ranked fighters have stated on here roids arent uncommon in mma

personally i couldnt care less, it can be a two edged sword but i dont see where you can draw the line between "supplements" and "juice"

"prisoners have limited nutritional options"

there is some common misconception here. At the prison I worked at as an R.N., the standard diet was well over 3000 calories per day.....certainly enough to bulk up.

People in prison have elevated testosterone levels above most people on the outside. I dont know the reason but if you google it you would probably find proof.

some people have great work ethic. and work out alot and for years and therefore great physiques, others try and take the easy road. only peple that know them can tell for the most part, seeing that their head got bigger (from hgh) or that they gained 50 lbs in 3 weeks of solid muscle.
I have been also a physical trainer for many years, and many of the people that I have trained have been very dedicated and clean and have been accused of doing them. so clean people that work hard certainly get accused... it is a double edged sword - you are flattered that they think tht you are so big that they thinkyou are on the juice, on the other han you are pissed that they think that you would cheat.


^^^what he said. They don't have much else to do besides workout.

As stated above. They have nothing else to do all day long except work out.