Steroids in the NBA?

With all the controversy in baseball I was wondering how big a problem roids are in the NBA? I think it would be minimal but I dont really have anything to base that on.

If you look at the weights of NBA players relative to their height, Shaq is really the only player with a large body mass. For example if I was in great shape I'd be 180lbs at 5'10". That's without lifting. Now if you add seven pounds an inch and made me 6'10" I'd be 264lbs., theoretically. I hope that made sense.

Basically basketball is a speed/endurance sport. I don't see steroids helping much.

im sure a large portion do steroids, just like in all professional sports. thinking otherwise is ignorant.

"Basically basketball is a speed/endurance sport. I don't see steroids helping much"

just becuase you dont have excessive bodymass doesnt mean shit. winstrol is a popular steroid that doesnt put on any weight and increases your speed and muscle and cuts you up. this is a popular steroid given to racehorses and track stars. i think this is very popular in the NBA.

I don't know anything about Steroids, but I do suspect they get used, especially now that strength is more valued in the NBA.

I remember hearing that Troy Murphy put on 20 pounds of muscle last offseason. Kudos to him for hitting the weights, but I'm a little susicious of someone who can put on twenty pounds of muscle in what, four months?

Other guys that got real big real fast are Kobe Bryant (last season, this season he's not so big) and Scottie Pippen. When I see old footage of Pippen with the Bulls, it amazes me how skinny he was back then.

And like Tommie Franchaise said, steroids can be used to recover from injuries and such in addition to adding muscle.

Dude, anyone who doesn't think steroids are being used in the NBA is a complete fucking retard!!!!!! Have you not SEEN the transformation of Vlade Divac?!?!!!?!? lol

Long time ago1 cycle of Deca + Clen + test 200.after years of the juice


here's Vlade's gear:sorry I couldn't do better, hard to find cigarette pics on the web


True but then again you could argue that skill a bigger factor in baseball than in basketball, and steroids are prevalent in baseball.

Good point Phat. But if you have skills, roids will help.

Oliver Miller used to take steroids, he was almost 400 pounds.