Steve Berger vs. Ross Ebenez

This one deserves its own thread. These two are fighting in Oahu at Rumble on the Rock on May 7th. If I'm not mistaken this is Steve's first fight back at his natural weight. Let's hear some thoughts. Good luck Steve.

awesome! Steve is a fantastic fighter, and a great guy, I hope he wins a few and fights in the UFC again.

His training partner Mike Rogers will be fighting as well. I'd pay a lot to see this on PPV.

Look for fireworks in the Berger Ebanez fight. They are both bangers with great ground and will fight for it all!

May 7 ROTR!!!


I'm a BOSS fan i knew who was going to be awesome


what weight class will the fight be in?

The fight will be at Welterweight.

Very good match up! Ive seen both guys fight in person and this one could go either way. But I think Ebenez is stronger. He looks to have the better hand speed and power in his punch, as for the ground Berger may have the upper hand being that he has submitted opponents before, and Ross didn't. But seeing how Ross controls the ground and pound is outstanding. Being from Bj's fight team you know that he must have some jiu-jitsu skills I'm sure Bj wouldn't let his fighters fight with out some good ground..Very nice match up! The rumble knows how to match the fighters up well....TTT for the Rumble on the Rocks.

is demotta fighting.

That is a pretty good matchup. Legends, has the whole card been announced?

yeah legends has the whole card been announced? who is ron jhun fighting?

Yeah who is Jhun fighting

I gotta go with the Hawaii Boy's! Ross the Boss all
the way!

very tough fight to choose from. they both are good..just wait and see.

any more matchups.




Look for a Team Vaghi Sweep!!!