Steve Berger vs. Ross Ebenez

I've never seen Steve fight so I can't really say so I'm going for Ross on this one!

Calling Steve tough is an understatement. Win or lose, Steve gives 110% in each fight and leaves it all out there.

I spoke to Steve a few days ago and he is in great shape and looking forward to the fight. Ebanez is a tough fighter so this will be a great fight. The goal is that this will be Steve's return to the welterweight picture in the UFC, but it would be a mistake to underestimate Ross. That is a mistake Steve will not make. We're all committed to get Steve back to the UFC.

Alex Caporicci (On Demand Fight Team)

No one has ever seen Berger's boxing skills in the NHB maybe the second time he fought Shonie

If you like beatings you should watch Steve fight golden looks Julio Cesar Chavez. I would have no problem saying Steve has the most heart and is one the toughest people fighting today.

If a guy like Frank Mir had Steve's heart and mental strength he would have been UFC champ a long time ago.

Yeah I dont think Steve should underestimate Ross..His record may only be 5-1 but look at his opponents records they had way more fights than he did and still won convincingly. Looks like he lost his first fight to a guy who had 6 fights in the bag, after that he had 3 tkos and 2 unanimous decisions so he is explosive. Steve did fight better fighters than he did and have the experience to go with it, so this fight will be very good..what belt is steve in jiu jitsu? I know he has good ground skills to go with a stand up game. But never thought of his jiu jitsu experience.

Jhun is fighting Ryan Schults from Team Quest


If I'm not mistaken, Steve is two-stripe purple belt under Rodrigo Vaghi.

This will be a great fight!!

Alex Caporicci (On Demand Fight Team)

One stripe purple...

whats the difference between one and two stripes...

Usually a tournament or laying a beating on the other purples enough to get Rodrigo's attention...

good luck steve.

Being that Ross is from Bj penn's fight team, does anyone know what belt is he also? Cant wait for the fights in a couple of weeks. I'm flying to hawaii next week for vacation and just to watch the fights..

anymore matchups


Steve's training partner and also a member of Alex Caporicci's On Demand Fight Club Mike Rogers will be fighting in ROTR.

TTT for Rumble on the Rock and Mike and Steve



Best wishes Steve!

Shannon "The Cannon"


what's the card

Ross is DA BOSS!!

Shannon didn't he like broke your ribs or something else that you couldn't continue. Ross is a cool guy that improves. He has the stand up and ground to upset Berger..