Steve Berger

The AZ Republic would like to interview you for the Oct 4th Evo show. Please IM or email for the contact information of the reporter. Best of luck!

mmmmmmmmm burger

Aaron Riley vs. Steve Berger...

U guys should check it out.

Berger is a hero of mine.


TTT for some press for Evo and Berger. If not we know Ray will give them pages of shit to write about :)


Berger vs Wisniewski was the best fight i've ever seen

You Missed the Berger vs Shakir 1 & 2.

TTT for Steve "Rednose Pit" Berger!!!!


ttt for Berger.




did anyone see him fight phil Johns at 55?

BY FAR the most ripped/cut/shredded/whatever person I've ever seen.

 whats the info on the evo show?


 Good luck on the show


Alotta people may not relize that in addition to being a "Badass" fighter... Steve is also a well known Model,also has a new cologne coming out called "Arogance"