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Apple CEO Steve Jobs, now an Angel


Thai Buddhist temple says it knows of Steve Jobs’ location in the afterlife 

According to a Buddhist temple in Thailand, since leaving this earth, the late Apple CEO has been living the afterlife of a mid-level angel in a parallel-universe Silicon Valley.

A Buddhist temple in Thailand says it has pinpointed Steve Jobs’ whereabouts in the afterlife, and the late Apple co-founder is a mid-level angel living in a parallel universe (but still in California).

Wat Phra Dhammakaya made the revelations on its website in a post titled “Where Is Steve Jobs.”

The abbot of the temple, Phrathepyanmahamuni, came to learn of Jobs’ posthumous fate through meditation, the Bangkok Post reported.

The abbot says Jobs is “a half Witthayathorn [a knowledge-seeking angel], half Yak [the Thai word for giant],” which is a mid-level angel.

Since his death in October 2011, Jobs has been living a cushy afterlife in a six-story building “made of white, silver metal and crystal glass” not far from Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., the Post reported.

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Just to note...this should not be confused with real Buddhism.

This group is separated from and not associated in any way with the Theravada Buddhists sects have long been established in Thailand.

This group has A LOT of money and is operating under dubious means(and funds).