Steve Kinnison vs Reynaldo Duarte

Steve Kinnison will face Reynaldo Duarte Nov 10 just outside of New Orleans on Renaissance MMA's fourth show.

The 205 amateur title is up for grabs between undefeated (7-0) Chewy Smith and a wrecking machine in Jason Goodin.Jason has won on our show as well as others including a huge Blood and Sand show.

The 155 amateur title is also up in a 4 man tournament featuring a number of exciting fighters.Undefeated Josh Solano from Machado Dallas and undefeated Michael Monteleone from Omega will be joined by Ryan Gautier from Gold Dragon who is very solid all around and Jeremy Bufkin who is very explosive and ready to fight sometimes twice a week.He is hoping to fight twice saturday night.

Renato Tavares is bringing in some guys from Orlando as his 170 will face a very tough and popular fighter in Keith Schneider from Gold Dragon.Keith defeated a very tough Dimitri Khirov from NOLA on our first show.I'm sure he will be tested by his ATT opponent.

Chad barret from chalmette makes his much awaited MMA debut against Danieri from ATT.

Daniel Hortega from ATT faces hunter tucker from Machado Dallas.

Jeremy meadows will face a tough Jacob Smith as well as other local and traveling fighters.Should be fun.

Who is this Duarte?

Any kin to Hugo?

Reynaldo Duarte has no relation to Hugo

TTT for Kinnison.

Daniel Hortegas is not fighting.

TTT 4 Reyzinho!!

I meant the other Daniel from ATT,sorry.I'll check and post the correct last name.Reynaldo Duarte is an ATT blackbelt from
what I uderstand and also has some formidable stand up.

good luck Steve

WAR Reyzinho!



warren i will be in town saturday and id like to come check out your show

What time and where will this event occur?

good fight!!!!!

The show takes place in Mandeville at Pelican Park at 8:00.Just map quest it and come and enjoy the fights.


ttt... Kinnison... Classy fighter


I wish both Steve and Reynaldo a good fight.


ttt 4 kinnison

I'm not sure.I'll be sure to ask him.