Steve Kinnison vs Reynaldo Duarte

Good Luck Reyzinho!

American Top Team

Kinnison is a very tough guy, should be a good one!!

Daddy04----when will be the next show??? I have 2 studants who never
fought and I need put then in a amatur fight? one is 170lbs and the other
one 185lbs.

This is our lasr show of 2007.We were going to have one in Dec but the date was too close to Christmas for us to mess with.I will release the 2008 dates as soon as we decide on them.Thanks.

ATT are in the road nowwwww....See you guy in couple hours...



Thanks Rafael Assuncao





Porrada nele reyzinhoooo!!!


Just got a text from Reyzinho, looks like he won. He'll be fighting in vegas in Dec.

Good fight.Reynaldo looked really good.I was really impressed with his wrestling.Great takedowns on a tough wrestler in Kinnison.Both fighters had their moments--Kinnison with leg kicks and takedowns and Reynaldo with takedowns and solid striking in route to mounting and then taking kinnison's back with kinnison "Granbying "Reynaldo on his face.Kinnison escapes and throws another leg kick which Reynaldo checks and hits the sweet spot causing Kinnison to hit the deck as Reynaldo follwed with strikes leading to th conclusion of the match in round 2.


Way to go Reyzinho! ATT!


steve was ko'd??? F@#^!! are there any clips of the fight?