Steve Maxwell Kettlebell DVD??

Anybody have or seen Steve Maxwell's 'Cruel and Unusual Kettlebell Excercises' DVD?  Any good?

Thanks, in advance.


I have seen "Cruel and Unusual Kettlebell Exercises". It is ok. I would recommend the "Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting" if you are looking for a kettlebell instructional. I thought the "Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting" series was MUCH better. The technical instruction was much more clear to me. I think it is a better deal also. 5 DVD's for $99 vs. 1 DVD for $40.

Thanks for the info, I'll check it out!

His video was o.k., I liked his strength and conditioning for grapplers better.

His strength for grapplers is good but I haven't seen the kettlebell video.

Just got the Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting on eBay for $79.95.

I have to thank Eel for the recommendation.  I just got these DVDs brand new on eBay for $85 including shipping.

I've watched 2 DVDs so far.  Great instructional.  Cotter does a really good job of explaining and demonstrating the moves.  And damn, does this set have a LOT of exercises on it.  If you can't find anything here that you like regarding KBs then you ain't looking.

One of the best features of the DVDs is the menu system.  It's just about the BEST menu system I've seen on an instructional.  I don't have or watch a ton of instructionals, but I have a couple.  This is BY FAR the best.  I'm gonna tell Roy Harris to copy Cotter's style.

The menu has several levels.  There's a high level menu that lists the volumes (swings, overhead presses, etc.).  Each volume has a submenu that lists all the different types of exercises in that volume.  So you can display all the types of swings and pick and choose which ones you wanna play, vs. having to fast forward or skip through the entire volume to find the moves you wanna see.  Great, great time saver.

This guy really did it right.  I don't think I would have paid the original price of $199, but dollar for dollar, it's still a decent value at even that price.  If you really like KB workouts, go to eBay and get this set.  Seriously.

I visited Steve Cotter's website, and his video clips are very impressive.

I'm actually going to train with one of Steve's certified instructors, Dean Dufford, on Wednesday. My first sessions, so I"m really excited!

pfsjkd, do you train with Roy?

I used to. Kinda fell out of it with work for the last couple of years.  Hope to start going back soon.


Hope you get back to training with him soon.

I'm a big fan of Roy's. I'm actually going to start training with him soon. I've started training with twinkletoesct.

You probably know this, but Roy is also training with Pavel on the kettlebells.


I update my site weekly with fresh kettlebell drills. Go here to check out this weeks video:

The steve cotter kettlebell encyclopedia is a great dvd set. I went to a steve cotter kettlebell seminar and he was a great teacher and i think he does a good job showing this in his videos. He said he is working on a kettlebell encyclopedia volume 2 which will have some more exotic kettlebell exercise like spinning swings. He demonstrated some of it and I thought it was pretty awesome. I heard his full contact dvd is pretty good but haven't had the opportunity to see any of it. The other thing i like about steve's stuff is the video quality is actually better than a lot of stuff for sale.

I also heard mahler's kettlebells for size and strength is pretty good with a lot of detail but it focuses on having 2 kettlebells so if you don't have 2 of them I'd wait on getting it.