Steve maxwell reviews?


das anyone saw Steve Maxwell Conditioning tapes for Grappling? Any reviews?

Hey Bjorn I have the first tape cruel and unusual and it is very good.

I have the new S&C DVD and it's the best stuff I've ever done. Course it helped that I was recently in Philly and got personal training from Steve Maxwell. The man is an encyclopedia of training info and really knows how to teach. Not to mention he's fucking strong and in amazing shape.

I'm planning on buying the partner DVD as soon as his site lets me know what my password is.

I haven't seen the DVD, but I'll bet it's an ass kicker. Like one of the previous posters mentioned, he is an encyclopedia of training info, and for his age, he is in phenomenal shape. I go to Dragon Door mainly to read his posts..

Where can one buy them?

I found them here:

I still get my ass handed to me by Scrapper's stuff.



Any equipment needed for the Grappler Series Vol I Strength & Conditioning dvd? I know one section requires a barbell plate, but is anything else needed?

dumbells or kettlebells

There are some tough looking workouts on the DVD, but I would be hesitant to try out the moves without one on one instruction first. The moves are just so different than anything I have seen before.

It is good, but to be honest it is just OK. Much of it is a compilation of Sonnon's material (his joint mobility is almost verbatim to WW) and many of his strength moves are from Pavel. Not a knock against Steve, just an observation. His gi partner training drills are solid but not revolutionary...saw a lot of them from Rigan/John Machado. They still are good, though and will help your conditioning. I think Steve Maxwell has a LOT to offer. I would love to see him produce a series where he covers conditioning principles, concepts, methodology that he uses in his training and teaching.