Steven Segal didn't know MMA?

Randy said he(SS) never even seen a UFC before. Sounds like Stevens got a case of the sorry grapes. Anyway SS is on Biography on wed night. At least he has a good story.Even if its made up

Open Guard:

That's John Machado he's doing the BJJ on btw.

Crafty Dog

Time for Mr. Segal to retire his tough guy image and go down in the books with legends like David Carridine and Jean Claude Van-Damsel. Well, that might be taking it a little far.

Segal is a real martial artist, but he shat over himself by acting like such a tool.

Wonder if they'll have anything about Gene LeBell on Biography.......

Seagal definately knows what MMA is. He probably doesn't keep up with who's who though.

SS is wing chun grandmaster flash.

Don't you guys remember the Black Belt cover of the "dirty dozen" challenging Steven Segal to fight a few years back? Segal had gotten so full of himself on a movie set, he was actually hurting some of the stunt guys on purpose and was talking about being the toughest man on the planet. One of the stunt guys told him the toughest guy on the planet was that old man sitting over there eating lunch. Segal went over and asked the old guy if he was that tough. The old boy just said he just wanted to eat his lunch. The old guy was "Judo" Gene Lebell and he ended up having to "choke out" the famous asskicker Segal with a crossover lapel choke. Bob Wall showed me the picture that somebody on the set took of Segal's face right at LeBell's Crotch, looking like he was going down on him. He then dropped him to the ground. Not bad for a 78 year old (then) asswreaker. Then he got challenged by Wall, Jim Harrison, Benny Urquidez, etc... He has been pretty quiet since. He is not the real deal at all.

LaBell probably lapel-choked Segal by using one of Segal's XXL unconstructed-jackets that he always wears against him.


not to mention how the mafia scared the crap out of him

"Wouldnt you have to be hell of strong to do it though? ANd wouldnt they be able to turn their heads around or use their arms to force your arms out of the way or punch you with their free hands?"

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depending on the skill and strength of the choker, the chokee can be put out pretty quickly. My Judo instructor was teaching a student the cross lapel choke. My instructor was coaching this dumptruck-sized human being saying "OK, now insert your hand inside my lapel here. Good, insert your other hand inside my other lapel. Good, now sque---" and my sensei was out and snoring just like that. Sometimes it takes a while for the choke to set, other times you just go out.

Isn't SS an aikido dude? I heard he was like a 5th degree bb in aikido with a 3rd degree in weapons or some shit like that. Anyway, I'd say any top name MMA fighter today can beat him.

By the way, does anyone know how effective aikido is in a real fight or an mma fight? I would say probably not very effective. It's like karate, looks real cool when it's choreopraphed, but in a real world situation it's probably only effective against someone that doesn't know any self defense at all. I can't remember the last time I saw anyone in Pride or UFC being introduced with their discipline being aikido, unless it goes by other names also.

What do you think?

you'de be better of with Tai Chi then you would Aikido. You'de be better off with Chai Tea as well.

He's actually a 7th degree black belt. One of only two Americans. Aikido has evolved from old (effective stand-up jujitsu). Mostly it's just crap- effective on the drunk and homeless. But in it's early day it was a pretty effective control art. It's self defense though- no good against a fighter.

"you'de be better of with Tai Chi"

Especially if someone attacks you in really slow motion.  

It sounds like it wasn't a fight, but a demo?!? Doesn't mean that Gene could take him. But then again doesn't SS have a silence order against Gene. Why would he do that if it wasn't a fight?

I agree with GO TIME, Segal would do a standing armbar and make Couture scream like a little girl. He would probably out wrestle him too!!

lebell was not 78. it was over ten years ago and he's barely in his sixties now

Sorry, did not get back to this thread. Gene Lebell is without a doubt one of the most powerful grapplers who ever walked. He has double tendons. He can break, and often did, a set of vice grips in one hand. It was a little late last nite when I was telling the story, but Gene did choke Segal once and let him go. Segal kicked Gene in the nuts, and pissed him off. He then choked him out cold from a cross lapel choke. Many notable martial arts heroes, Benny Urquidez, etc... were on that set, and saw this take place. Gene Lebell is over 80 now, I think 82 or 83. Stop by Gokor's gym sometime and put your hand into his mitts. If he ever put his hands on you, you would be shit out of luck. He is also undefeated in no holds barred, wrestler vs. boxer, type matches over 35 years. And one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Especially when he's politely choking you and you see that tunnel closing on you.

"Same as Danny Dring (who is also a Nova Unaio BB) that runs LDMA (trainers of the "pink singlet" among others)."

Who is this Danny Dring guy. I've heard people talking about him before. Where is he from?

Judo Gene is 72 years old.

Segal would win the UFC, as long as people attacked him by running at him trying to karate chop him from over their head.