STEVENSON x FISHER fight breakdown/predictions


Dissection by Dallas: Joe Stevenson Vs. Spencer Fisher

Posted by Dallas Winston | Dissection by Dallas, UFC | Saturday 24 October 2009 10:26 am

Dissection by Dallas copy

This fight features two veteran lightweights who are struggling to stay afloat despite some discouraging setbacks throughout their journeys to advance up the ladder in the fiercely competitive setting of the UFC 155 division.

It does fit the label of another striker versus grappler pairing, with both fighters being strongly rooted to their respective specialties.  Stevenson is split at 2-2 since challenging Penn for the strap:  he was forced to remain standing against lightweight newcomer Diego Sanchez, and allowed Florian to finagle a rear-naked choke; he was able to submit Tibau with his signature guillotine, and neutralized Nate Diaz by riding him to a decision victory.

Stevenson is a hefty 155′er with good wrestling and a strong submission grappling pedigree.  He’s made extensive improvements to his striking game since winning The Ultimate Fighter, cleaning up his stance and guard, and flinging out a hard, stiff jab that’s served as a head-rattling reminder to opponents who have completely written off his stand-up, but somewhat struggling to piece together 3 and 4 punch combinations without over-committing and retaining his center of balance.


Good analysis, except that Fisher does have single shot KO power and has put a few people out cold. I think if Stevenson plays it safe, dives for shoelaces and turns this into a wrestling match he's the favorite. But if he tries to make this interesting it will be Fisher's night

fisher controls the outside.
stevenson closes the distance for a TD from body lock.

works elbows, and advances position to side control to mount and finishes with the choke.

that being said. spencer is still one of my fav guys to watch

Leaning towards Fisher, but it's going to be close.