SteveWillDoIt wins $500,000 Gambling in Las Vegas, Donates it to ... Dana

SteveWillDoIt is at it again with another big money gift to UFC CEO, Dana White.

Back in Dec. 2021, the social media star surprised White with a $300,000 Maybach van. Just a half-year later, White returned the favor by gifting Steve’s fellow Nelk Boy, Kyle Forgeard, $250,000 for his birthday.

Fight fans didn’t like that.

Nevertheless, now SteveWillDoIt (real name Stephen Deleonardis) has put the ball back in White’s court, gifting him $500,000 worth of casino chips he won on an insane gambling binge in Las Vegas, Nevada.

White — a self-admitted degenerate gambler — revealed the gesture of generosity on his Instagram Stories.
“So I’m here at Red Rocks right now, it’s f—ing 2:30 in the morning or whatever,” he said. “Formula 1 just ended, I’m here with Taylor Lewan from ‘Bussin With The Boys’ on Barstool and Steve Will Do It from the Nelk Boys. These two just won a half a million dollars, these are $25,000 chips. Half a million dollars, and gave it to me. They are f—ing lunatics.

“It started with $10,000,” White continued. “These two started with $10,000 and went on a mission to win me a half-million dollars … and they did it. F—ing unbelievable. Any of you that really actually gamble, the odds of winning $500,000 off $10,000? It’s gotta be a million to one. The odds are — it’s f—ing impossible. Literally impossible. They did it.”
Lewan made mention of the gambling streak on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

“Just had the most insane gambling experience in my life with Stevewilldoit,” he wrote. “I’m not exaggerating when I say it was a movie. It might not ever be done again in the history of time.”
It certainly went better than the last White gambling story involving Lewan. That ended up becoming a YouTube video entitled, “Taylor Lewan Lost 120K In 5 MINUTES W/ Dana White.” As Joe Rogan has said: don’t go gambling with Dana White, because, as mentioned earlier, the man is a self-described degenerate.

We’re sure more details will come out soon in further YouTube videos from Lewan and SteveWillDoIt.

Not sure Dana knows what words mean.


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What relatable, likeable guys

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haha very relatable, they are so far out of touch with reality, it’s almost unbelievable.

Dana had a go at people for talking shit about this. crazy. he needs to understand he is broadcasting his obscene wealth to the general public, many of whom work very hard across the year for one or two of those chips… it’s childish to expect them all to humbly say nothing as he openly gloats about his lifestyle.


Lol 1 in a million… Come on Dana you can do the math…

Doubling up on red/black in roulette would be 1 in 89 lol… You only have to win 6 consecutive bets with 2 to 1 payout.

Jesus, thanks for reminding me. I once bet and lost on black in roulette and kept doubling down on my bets and lost six or seven spins in a row.

So it was like, 20, 40, 80, 160 and then I pulled back and just bet like 80 and then 80 again because I got cold feet about the doubling but lost all six spins in a row as RED, RED, RED, RED kept hitting.

Went out for a nice quick breakfast as Hash House that cost me and the woman like $50 and before I knew I was missing $500 thanks to RED combined with my stupidity and impulsivity.

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Dana setting himself up to be robbed and bashed.

Gambling seems so gay unless you are just spending like 500-1000$ bucks you would otherwise spend on a show or dinner or something.

Rich people don’t need the money you could win. Poor people cant afford to lose the money.

Im not talking about poker with the boys, or betting on golf to make it more interesting. Im talking about casino games where the odds are against you. The majority of these people have all lost much more money than they will admit to. You only hear about the huge wins.

Most people, most of the time have to be net negative lifetime with gambling.