Stevia King Dan Quinn as of 4 months ago... it's sad

He has always fascinated me. I decided to google him again and see what he’s up to. Looks like hes in an institution.

Anyone have any more background info on him? Was he always off or did he suffer from TBIs during his football days?

Cold fusion playboy


Oppressing Dan. I don’t like this Corrine.

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Was thinking of him not to long ago. Wonder how he was…Doesn’t seem real well.

Holy Crap, whatever you do, try not to go down the rabbit hole of his Youtube videos. Some are flat out horrible.

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Thank you Walter.

Your comment alone isn’t gonna keep me from that but if you cared to expand I won’t go down the rabbit hole.

How horrible?

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Looks like he gained about 100 lbs since I last saw him.


I never thought he was actually a fighter when he was coming out with those stevia videos playa. He’s fought a few names. Hopefully he can get his health turned around

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A quick search on his Wiki shows he BEAT MCGREGOR!!!

Mike MacGregor

At least he’s not in jail


Damn, I was just thinking about him the other day. That random video of him and Diego touting the effects of stevia.

Then him driving and yelling at his mom.

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He’s mentally ill and pretty much trash so good luck with that.

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Bob Carson from Carson’s Corner spoke to him last.He was in a institution.

Last time that Bob tried to contact him,he didn’t return the phone call,so he is probably out of that institution now.



Mike, I haven’t spoken to Dan in about 4 months. He was staying in a half way battling his conservator for money… property. That video looks like it was after I last spoke to him and he looks to be in the same place.


I could have sworn that you tried to contact him after that and he didn’t return your call.

Well,anyways life goes on.

Dan has always been off. Remember when everyone thought that Dan and Carson would end with Carson being Hannibal Lecter’ed?

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You are correct. Dan was calling me every day and then he just stopped.

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Lets just say, look at one of the photos in the upcoming videos… El Bano photo.

Quick,somebody call Boogaloo.

boogaloo because it’s good for you