Stevie Ray's ex-manager seemed like an idiot..


His ex-manager seemed like a glory-hunting idiot. Wanting him to corner him over his coaches and telling him the UFC wouldn't be offering him a contract before the Felder fight (which turned out to be untrue). Now he's waiting on the sidelines with no contract.


Or Clarence Mason?


Colonel Parker 

Hard to warm to Ray. 

Suckaz gots to know!

Didn’t watch the video, but from your description, Ray may be the idiot to listen to that other idiot. 

Boner McGregor -

Hard to warm to Ray. 

He's an excellent fighter and perhaps not the most enticing personality. Once he's in that cage though he's an animal and he let's everyone know how he feels. That win over Joe was amazing and the coaching was awesome to listen to.

Really hope he fights either Daikese (sp) or Sanchez.