STFU about Rich being more techn!

Rich is an animal, trains hard, and leaves everything in the ring but he is NOT more techical standing than Anderson Silva. Rich standup is powerful effective and sloppy, he even said so himself in inteviews. Silvas MT is supercrisp.

You're right and I hope Silva wins but I think Rich will win via ground control decision.

lay n' pray is franklin's only option

Rich is a lot bigger than Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva is probably a natural WW.

He was the first person to beat Mach Sakurai.

Franklin will win. Rocco would bet on it:

Rich is going down...........I am sorry for him because i am a fan..but there is nothing he can do against SIlva.

He is gonna get dominated standing and unable to do anything to him on the ground

I don't really see how anyone could look at Franklin's standup and think it is some great, technical display.

He has poor defense, loops his punches, and leaves his jab out there and often times backhands/slaps with it, and when he is on the attack, he stands with his hands at his waist, swining wide and slow.

THe only thing he does well, is he utilizes angles and the natural awkwardness of beinga southpaw.

Against the mediocre to poor strikers he has faced, this has been more than enough (although they have all dropped him on his ass). Anderson is a real A level striker.

Tonight, just like Leben recieved, Rich and his fans will be taught a lesson.

Its suprising they forget it so soon, after Lyoto technically dismantled Rich and left him a quivering, wasted piece of jelly resting on the mat.

I hope Anderson wins

Rich is most def more techn!

I can't believe people are saying Rich is the more technical fighter. He's the more physical fighter if anything, he's very strong and explosive but no way is he more technical than Silva. I do hope he wins tonight just cause it'd be funny to see all the people back pedal and point out Silva's losses and how he's not legit comp anymore cause he moved to the UFC.

Franklin by third round submission.

actually my post was mostly just making fun of the thread title, i think they are both highly technical fighters, i really cant pick this fight for once in my life.

"lmfao @ Franklin's humbleness!!! That is some good shit, I'd say he's far from humble.."

C'mon dude, just because someone flexes on a particular stage ( such as a weigh-in for an upcoming fight ) doesn't make them "far from humble". To me, it's saying "look at the finished product from months of hard work. I'm ready!" 

Of course Silva is a better striker.

But unless franklin is an idiot he will win this

Why not? You have pretty much been insulting the guy here for the past month.

If anyone has an air of arrogance about them in this fight, it's Silva.

Can't wait to see Rich break him tonight.

This thread is actually quite funny now!