Still a cormier fan

Fuck off with all the hate. DC is taking on the most dangerous man on the roster. For the second time.
Ya he cheated making weight but it will not protect him from AJ's power. It was a bad move but it will not effect the performance of either fighter
Remember this is the guy who smashed the man who basically called him a crybaby for losing his daughter.

Are you referring to Cummins making him cry in practice?

How could you possibly know that it won't affect his or the fighter he is fighting's "performance?"

Im still a DC fan too. He has a really inspiration backstory and seems like a decent guy.

He is a bully and a cheater we now know.

Bones is in his head and after all the shit he has talked to go on and cheat is dastardly.

I for one am AMAZED the commission allowed him to cheat so blatantly.

Im still a DC fan as well. Disappointed in the ny commission.