Still a Spratt fan after 2 losses?

I am.

Keep training Pete. There's still a ton of us who will always pay to see you fight. Good luck in the future.


Definitely. He certainly has trouble with the sub game but I don't know of one stand up guy that could beat him!

Spratt has sick snap and love his action packed fights just give it time to all come together hes a champ for sure..



Doesn't deserve to be in any top show.

Yes. His standup was beautiful against Lawler.

ttt for Pete Spratt!!

Gary Hughes

Give him six months SOLID ground training, takedown defense and he would be 100% better

I'm still a fan, but he really needs to work on his ground game if he's going to compete at the highest level.

He's an awesome fighter, but the best guys are even more awesome than he is. He matched up well against Lawler and he can continue to well with certain oponents, but the highest level requires a fighter to do everything well, or at least have the wrestling skills to keep the fight where you want it to be.


Absolutely. He needs work in certain areas(who doesn't?), but he has the tools, the heart, and the support he needs to bounce back from these unfortunate losses. He is exciting to watch, though, and hasn't shied away from fights with strong grapplers, even in the face of unlikely odds. You have to respect that.

He is also a genuinely nice person who is a friend to everyone at the gym, and a patient teacher and strong motivator. Just watching the guy train fills you with intensity.

Best of luck in 2004 for the Secret Weapon!

I'll always be a Pete Spratt fan, because he comes to fight EVERY time, and is fun to watch. Everybody loses. It's part of the deal.

"and hasn't shied away from fights with strong grapplers, even in the face of unlikely odds. You have to respect that."

*cough* hughes *cough*

there is a difference between deciding with your trainer if you are ready to fight the champion of your weight division(maybe the best active P4P fighter in Hughes' case), and not fighting someone ranked similarly to you just because they don't fit your style.

Point taken, but it is quite different in my opinion.

i'm still a fan

I ask fighters who post here for an autographed picture...I asked Pete Spratt and without hesitation he sent me a signed pic. For that, I will always be a fan of him because I'm a fan of Pete Spratt the fighter, but more importantly Pete Spratt the person.

If you're reading this Pete, keep your head up. I know you will come back better than ever!


Yah, of course.

Pete Spratt is a great fighter and a very nice guy. I was very disapointed to hear of his loss but shit happens in this sport. One of the biggest problems with MMA is questions like " are you still a fan of _______ after his or her loss.?" that is a bunch of bullshit. If you are a fan you are a fan. You do not see me burning my Vikings jersey because they lost. Bottom line, support fighters you like win or lose and keep with them and they will get another chance. Enjoy the wins they get and respect them for putting on a show for us everyone.


good point, crazy.

"My favorite fighter is Tito Ortiz!!!! no, wait, my favorite fighter is Chuck Liddel!!! oh, shit, I mean, go Randy Couture!!!"

Damn right I'm a Spratt fan!

He just needs to focus more on his grappling, that's all.

He will learn from his mistakes and come back strong IMHO.