Still believe in Cro Cop

Man, it was upsetting to see him lose so thoroughly last night.

I hope he does get another chance to fight via fighting Waterman for the alternate spot.

I always have liked how he comes across in the interviews - definitely as an intelligent and soft-spoken guy. His fights have always been exciting, and he's brought a lot to Pride and MMA in general.

I don't know why so many people are already predicting that he's going to be gone, as if they want him to be. I hope he gets a better ground game, though.

Adam from Conn, Silesian Express

Yeah, I think that's lame.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

I really like CroCop an awful lot, but he needs to have a little different mindset in the future, if he is to be successful.............

By that I mean, he can NOT continue to go in there like he is the baddest man in the universe.

I too, was thinking that he was the best MMA fighter in the world, but he just continued to get cockier and cockier and more and more arrogent inside the ring.

Maybe Randleman has given him a much needed "wake up" call, and we'll see a much more serious CroCop next time out...........

Hunter there is no honor on this forum.They would rather give Wes Simms props and credit for fighting last minute.Instead of giving Cro-cop respect for fighting in the biggest show in MMA in-side of a Sold-out baseball dome 61000 plus on top of it.Brains like that is the reason why Japan will always attract the best fighters.Becuase US fans no clue when it comes to honor and respect for a fallen fighter.I may talk alot shit about Simms but you know what he's not a fighter he's a circus clown.

I don't recall bringing Wes Simms into this. And anyway, where is your green name?

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

I was just making a great fighter with no personality,Compared to a shitty fgihter with alot of personality.GreenName,BlackBelt there just colors nothing more.

why should he get a chance to get back in the tourney. He got knock the fuck out. That's like Duke getting beat in the NCAA tourney by 50 points and then letting them back in. so again I ask, why the fuck should he be let back in.



The NCAA tourney doesn't have alternates.

Adam from Conn, Silesian Express

You'd be crazy to not still believe in him, but I don't know about having him fight Waterman to get back into the tourney. He's out, fair and square.

Yes, it's a fool's hope.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

his still the man

ok, so he gets knocked the fuck out, but you still want him to be in there. for fucks sakes, why don't you just give him a bye to the finals. I mean, he got knocked the fuck out. why does he deserve another shot? Mirko got toasted fair and square. well not toasted, KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!!! all you nuthuggers need to get off his dick and face the facts.



his still the man ?

no, sorry, actually now he is Randleman's bitch!

HE GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT, face it. Randleman could have teabagged him if he wanted to cause Mirko was KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!

so he isn't the man, he is now Randleman's bitch, and until he beats Kev, he'll always be his bitch....




Nope. Guess again. Still the man.

No respect at all.Opinions like is the reason why everybody wants to fight for Japan because US fans like you have no class.

He's a good MMA fighter with a killer KO instinct....

I just hope people get a little more perspective and realistic about the skills needed in MMA.

nope not the man. Maybe you can call him "the man that got knocked the fuck out!"

ya that would work, cause if I remember correctly...



I'm not going to take the path that djmas has taken, but I do feel compelled to give a little back to the harcore nutriders in recent months.

losing badly once doesnt erase great past performances

great post Pulsar. My comments are laced with hate for the Mirko nut huggers who thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. so with that in mind...