Still Love That Old Steven Seagal Clothesline Across the Neck Move

First saw it in “Above the Law.”

Never goes out of style…


I’ve always wanted to pull that move off in a street fight.

Be careful. You could sever a man’s brain stem, sever a man’s brain stem.


I saw a kid do it in like 4th or 5th grade. Was two brothers who were bigger & scrappy, always fighting each other or other kids. Older bro clotheslined the shit out of the year younger one. I thought it was just a fake wrestling move but it worked & looked badass.

It takes a brave man to upload of video of you getting your ass kicked by a fat senior citizen wearing pajamas.


i wonder how much his punching bag guy gets paid to just flop all day and play along lol.


America is land of the mouth. Truer words have never been spoken Sensei…may i have another


Dude rocks PJs everyday, probably free balls, and makes bank. He is the dream.

Master Seagal still has it.

Steven Seagal is the biggest fraud that ever lived lol. The sit down sniper, fat fuck. Fat tub of shit never ate a meal he didn’t like.

Steven Seagal La GIF

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Taught Anderson everything he knows.


This. Spider would never be a champion he was without Master Seagal’s influence and direction.

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This guy loves him lol.

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love him or hate him the dude has had a hella interesting life. there are people that would pay good money to do the things he does every day for fun.


Eat 57 donuts… yeah!

Looks like a ridge hand. He ridgehanded a lot of pussies.

This video is amazing. Go to the 28 second mark. His credibility is intense and has me shaking in my bear fur. Straight up like jet li in lethal weapon 4.