Still no Traditional forum?

For real thats really cold! I try to support the place yet no one cares about what i think. But we have a travel ground WTF?

There's enough bloody forums already. Theres the history forum anyway.

ttt for tma...

There should be a tma forum here.

Why do i get no respect?

I'm not too interested in it myself but I agree there should be one over many of the other forums.

Thank you.

TO set up a TMA forum I need:

1. A list of three or more mods

2. Three or more paragraphs on the forum for the splash page

3. three or more links of interest.

to the top.

I'll take a stab at the 3 paragraphs today, Kirik.
Something along the lines of "the importance of tradition, style, art, and accessability for all types of people..."
Anyone else want to try and we can combine the best elements of each?

Three suggested links of interest.

willybone, sounds good to me.

How's this:

Before MMA became widely known, the term martial arts meant, to most people, long hours of practicing stances, forms, sparring, and idealized motions in a disciplined setting, working their way up the hierarchy from novice to the title of Master. Martial arts schools were classified according to the style they taught there, and were proud of their loyalty to the traditions of that style. Traditions that not only included how to punch, kick, throw, and lock, but honoring the founders and those that came before you, respecting your teacher, and fidelity to your school.

This loyalty to tradition is where the term "traditional martial arts" comes from. Starting with Bruce Lee, and continuing with the awareness brought on by MMA events like vale tudo, UFC, and Pride, many modern martial artists feel that loyalty to tradition is an outdated concept. Many are quick to dismiss the worth of traditional training methods, but a quick review of top MMA fighters' past shows that many started their martial arts training in a traditional style and some still continue to train and compete in these styles. Even aside from the world of MMA, the traditional arts offer training opportunities to people those unable to train in full-contact, full-force arts like muay thai, submission wrestling, or boxing.

This forum is a place where traditional training methods and styles can be discussed intelligently by those with an interest in traditional martial arts. Perhaps you studied Tae Kwon Do years ago, or you currently practice Shotokan Karate, or maybe you have an interest in learning Eagle Claw Kung Fu; whatever your interest, we hope this will be a place where questions can be answered, experiences related, and ideas productively discussed. This forum is not the place to "teach someone a lesson" in how useless you think a particular training style is. Pointless degradation of styles or practitioners is not welcome here. Needless to say, trolls will be instantly dim-maked out of here.

So, speak up, keep an open mind, and share in the Tradition.

Willy, that is the shit! You should e-mail that immediately to Kirik. I don't think it could get much better than that.

This is a MMA forum so if you want to make posts about traditional Martial Arts then you can do it here. MMA does not put a limit on styles. Just because they use certain styles in competition does not mean the other styles are forbidden.

MMA does not put a limit on styles.
Very true, but you'll notice that there is a forum dedicated entirely to BJJ, another for judo, yet one more for boxing, while there is a totally seperate forum for boxing that allows kicking...
I'd lay money down that more forum members have studied TKD than have studied JKD (no offense to that excellent art).

It seems not unreasonable to ask for a forum, especially as practitioners of a wide range of TMA styles are willing to share the one forum in the spirit of open-mindedness.

check out the name of this site; "" thats mixed-martial arts. Why would you feel entitled to a tma forum?

Kirik is very receptive and willing to do a TMA forum.


I'd enjoy giving a TMA forum a try.


check out the name of this site; "" thats mixed-martial arts
Boxing is not a mixed martial art, neither is BJJ, kickboxing, judo, boxing, or wrestling. No single art is mixed martial arts, that's part of the point of it, correct? MMA is a mix of martial arts, but single style discussions are still welcomed on other forums. That's why they're there.

Why would you feel entitled to a tma forum?
Why would you oppose such a forum? If you feel that the traditional arts have no place in mixed martial arts, wouldn't you be pleased if any discussions of these arts were regulated to a seperate page that you will never be forced to look at?

What's the problem?