Still Showdown Joe...:)

Don't be fooled by the rocks that he's got! He's still Joey from the block!

Freakin' Dougie...classic.

Wayne-o...the Showdown and the Trials will be held on the same day...hopefully in Scarberia...:)

...oh man, looks like I'll have to show up and keep Joey Fingers on a leash with the mic, he tends to get a bit frisky with his words after 4 coffee's from Timmy Hoes LOL !!!


I guess "Shut up Joe" wouldn't fly, huh?

I'm toying with the idea of "Joey Delicio" "Joey Mammaluke" "Joey
Pizzacarolla" "Joey Fingers" and the all important "Joe-I hit harder
than the tree that hit Sonny Bono-Ferraro"

I like the last one myself.


Joe, you are a great, great man. All the respect in the world to you brother.'re killing me...and remind me to punch you in your face next time we hook

JK...actually you rule're a classy dude. Hope to see you at my various events.

I'll go far outta my way to support you dude!

LOL !!!

I'll be certain to remind you bro !


Joe is gay...but this is ok with me...I like him for whats inside...deep inside.

I might be seeing you this weekend..

later bro..