still wanna see hughes vs. serra

after gsp beats serra, i hope they make the fight with matt hughes happen.

yes, I want to see this one too...

They will be able to market it well, so it will probably happen if GSP wins.

 I dunno...Word I am hearing is that GSP is breathing fire over this match!...I don't know if Serra will ever be able to fight again after the beating GSP gives him. But...If by some miracle, he manages to heal his body up. Serra vs Hughes sounds good to me.



 If Serra loses, yeah, I do. But if Serra wins, no.

Lots of guys at 170 to watch fight each other besides Serra/Hughes.

GSP, Sanchez, Alves, Kos, Serra, Hughes, Fitch. It would also be cool to see guys like Shields and Condit in the UFC fighting the big boys.

But yeah, I would like to see Serra fight Hughes still.

That is the likely outcome if GSP wins.

I would love the see GSP/Hughes 3!

me too

I too would love to see that fight finally happen

uhh, no!

serra will win again.

If GSP wins, the hell yes.

If Serra wins, wait for Fitch to beat him, then Serra vs. Hughes.

"I would love the see GSP/Hughes 3!"

You mean 4?

I imagine this will happen when Serra loses to GSP.

It only makes sense that they fight.

The UFC is dying to put on the Serra-Hughes fight. It's way more marketable even if Serra doesn't have the title than the hypothetical Serra-Fitch fight if Serra did have the title.

Hughes wants this fight as well. We'll probably see it this fall, unless they want to try and put it on the Minnesota UFC card.

Right or wrong, both Fitch and Hughes would be the betting favorites against Serra.

 yeah hughes deserves the chance to beat serra silly fo all his talk


this fight needs to happen