Stiller interviews Carrey

We need some comparison pics.

you're a blue name .. make it happen fucko

For those who don't know he means Kenny Florian interviewing Rich Franklin. Kenflo doesn't look too much like Stiller, but Ace does look a lot like Carrey.

oh, pics! We want pics!

Franklin doesn't look like Jim Carrey, he looks exactly...I mean my younger brother (or visa versa). True dopplegangers.

I'm gonna try to get a picture of my bro up here at some point.

That'll show all you "Rich Carrey" lovers....yeah, that'll show you real good!....





ttt have the pics

no comments on the pics

I call it Blue Steel.....

Let me tell ya sometin!!

good pics

Stiller invterviews Carrey and Joe Pesci loses in the main event