Stinky locals-Tell me where to have lunch today-

I'll be in the Ala Moana area.

I want to try some place new. ANY type of food (just not some wierd Octopus balls in pineapple curry with a side of SPAM type shit).

I'm open for anything, but need some suggestions.

Mahalo, BITCHES!!!!!!!!

Blazing Steaks Atkinsons on the corner with 7-11

Ask for the Lihing ranch on your steak salad with bacon

Thank me later.

Steak stuffed potato is also the business Phone Post

Yogurstory behind Sorabol is a new place that's pretty good. Phone Post

just go to jj dolans and have the deli meat pizza.

I just saw that the other day and was "wtf'ing?" about that place...what is a yogur story and what do they have there?

They serve breakfast all day and have a lunch and dinner menu as well. They also have a frozen yogurt bar. They have some really good waffles there, lots of flavors you would not normally see. Red velvet, sweet potato, Oreo etc. Plating is really fancy. The inside is very nice and clean. Bottom floor is a dining room and the top floor is like a lounge area. Phone Post

Sorabol, behind that new Yogurstory place. It's pretty good.

Tell me more about this sorabol...

 Palolo and Waialae has a great eatery! 

well in retrospect, maybe not so great. 

But it's cheap!

Moke - Tell me more about this sorabol...

Ono Korean grindz cuzz.

Golden Coin.

or that hot dog place in Sams Club.

Golden Coin for Halo Halo my Brudder Phone Post