Stitch Duran on SirusXM right now

Stitch is being interviewed live on SiriusXM Sports Zone right now. MMA Junkie Nation show.

damn...I have it in my car..need to go outside, but it's worth it.

ttt thanks for posting. MMAjunkie radio is on right?

Yes, I think. I am listening on the Internet right now.

Cliffs? Phone Post 3.0

I just tuned in. Taking calls & questions from listeners.

Burt Watson just called in, he is on now.

For those with SirusXM.

Fuck Reebok. Fuck UFC. Phone Post 3.0

What channel is it on? Phone Post 3.0

I think it is on channel 92 on the radio, I could be wrong though since I am listening on the internet

Stitch did not deserve to lose his job.

This really doesn't make sense. Hopefully cooler heads can prevail in the end and something gets worked out.

The fighters deserve to have him in their back pocket, he was an asset for the sport...

It sounds like he was universally liked by everyone. A lot of callers talking about how the UFC has no loyalty, etc.

This was a bad move by the UFC.

Just tried calling in and missed the cut by one person...

I even had my UG shoutout ready to go! Phone Post 3.0

Damn, I guess he was on for two hours. I only caught the last 30 minutes.


in for Cliff's notes.

Shyt I missed it gotta login to the app on my phone I was listening to Luke Thomas talk about this


Cliffs for the 30 minutes I heard:

Danny Castillo was supposed to be on the show, he agreed to back out so Stitch could have the entire show.

No one happy about Stitch getting fired.
He was universally liked.
Fans & fighters not happy.
Everyone said he was the best cut man.
Nothing real juicy.

Cheap Seats from Sherdog Radio on now. Stitch is the topic.

Hosts saying that the UFC management is tone deaf. They are correct.

Damn missed it Phone Post 3.0