Stock Market 2023

So the market is below the levels of the covid crash in March of 2020. There’s opportunities to make some good money with the right trades.

2020/21 made me rich. 2022 took 70% of my gains but I’m still smiling. Will 2023 be like 2020 all over again?

Anyone got any tips :slight_smile:

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I’m going to keep buying diversified index funds with a longterm approach and hope it pays off and makes me a lot of money when the market rebounds. But fuck did 2022 suck balls.

Here’s to hoping 2023 is much, much better.


I’m with you bro. My individual stock buys are always a disaster, I’m sticking to indexes.



I logged in before breakfast and funded my Roth IRA for the year. I don’t know what 2023 will bring, but I’m banking on the long term with broad based, low fee, index funds


load up on apple soon and more index funds.

I have a very dumb theory: I’m going to buy what the smart money buys and see how that goes.

I am positioned for a January rally in QQQ, IWM, and ARKK to erase the downtrend in December.

You have to front run the buybacks from the tax loss harvesters which I believe started on 12/13.

I got QQQ to $286. IWM to $187. ARKK to $38 but I will probably cash out at $34-35.

I am still not a fan of the buy and hold, dollar cost averaging approach in 2023 unless its in oil stocks.

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Gonna buy more SPY if/when we take another leg down, with a 5-10 year plan.

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Invest in Berkshire Hathaway?

Yeah but these guys seem to have done better the past year.

Dumb question, is there any benefit to buying a mutual fund vs an ETF for the same index?

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Thinking markets will be flat with a dump first few months with guidance going lower for all companies (tech and non tech)…

Sitting on Johnny $$ for now…

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Good question actually. I would say it’s based on fees that you pay.


Besides the fees. I imagine they’re quite similar considering the management of an index fund is probably rather passive regardless of whether or not it’s a mutual or exchange-traded fund.

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@Zned would most likely know…


When I started actively investing about 3 years ago, I couldn’t find any advantage of mutual funds.

Alot of ETFS can be traded 24/5, but they all trade during normal market hours, and most are optionable.

I might want to use index options and index futures and then options on index futures at some point.

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Same as 2022 for me. I buy primarily DGRO, DGRW and JEPI. I put about 30% in dividend stocks VZ, MO, INTC, MMM, O, DVN, EPD, SMG. All of those are down currently and provide a great entry point dividend yield. If you already have a large amount saved you’re crazy if you’re doing anything other than snowballing dividends.


Mutual funds are crazy imo. Money making scam sold by the industry. The fees are stupid high compared to etfs that hold exactly the same portfolio.


Once you learn about ETFs there is really no reason to buy Mutual Funds (unless that’s you’re only 401k investing option).

Too many rules, fees and restrictions on Mutual Funds compared to ETFs that trade like stocks.


In for losing money in 23