Stock Market 2023

Buy the panic in Q1.

As was mentioned, watch out for fees. Sometimes ETFs will give you a lower fee than the mutual fund, unless you put enough in the mutual fund to qualify for the lower fees. So make sure to look at that and how much you want to invest.

As for an ETF versus a mutual fund that track the same thing and have the same fees, it depends on what you want to do. Some people like the ETFs because you can trade them at a moment’s notice. However some people think that’s also a negative, as they believe you should be investing for the long-term and therefore not making impulsive decisions.

So it comes down to you and what you want to do

Is there any downside to an ETF as a long-term investment vs. a mutual fund? Assuming it’s tracking the same index and it’s not leveraged.

I mean you have to read the prospectus but the vanguard etfs are super low fees and identical to mutual funds that have a long history

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You can never recover those fees. If the mutual fund has a 2% higher fee the etf with a 2% lower fee will outperform it by like 40% over 20 years with the same amount of money invested.


4th quarter earnings come out late January and early February around the time of the FOMC.

Does the panic happen during that or afterwards?

Either way, I am timing the market for a small January run up.

Up this week then down hard to end/ very late January. Touch bottom 2 weeks later. Roughly. Could stretch out/ delay a bit. That’s the plan.

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The tax loss harvesters are buying up mid January through the end of January.

Then it might take some drops.

Here is a cool story, bruh.

So over the the summer the benefits plan administrator called me up and told me that she was concerned that I wasn’t going to have enough money for retirement, because I had moved everything over to the Stable Asset Income Fund in 2021 and I should be in the target retirement funds instead, blah…blah…blah.

I told her that I knew what was going on with QT, and that the other fund choices in the 401k plan just suck ass and I am handling my own retirement myself for right now. Then I told her that I couldnt even focus on working for the ‘People’ because I’ve been pre-occupied with day trading SQQQ options most of the day.

She said that she understands and if there was anything that she could do to change my mind…I told her to at least try add these kinds of products to cap the downside with option collars instead of plain vanilla mutual funds so I can get some positive returns in my retirement:

She said that they she would look into it and they haven’t bugged me while I’ve been busy day trading since.

People may have a problem with me doing what I am doing…fair enough, but then I would say, what about all of the elected officials and Federal Reserve Board members who actually set the policies? At least I am being open and transparent about it.

Secondly, I believe there are too many incompetent people living off other people’s retirement account in expense fees. The funds invest passively and are pretty much all the same.

Where is the fucking modern day Peter Lynch? You won’t be able to find him anymore.

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Love his book “One up on Wall St. BTW”.

What do you mean? Like you said “fuck it” to doing your job?

What do people have a problem with? You managing your own investments?

No…The work which needs to gets done, gets done…but if too many people start figuring it out then I think that the financial services industry is screwed. But then I go and read some OGer posts and I am like…nah…their jobs aint going nowhere.

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your job doesn’t care if you day trade on company time? That sounds amazing

Financial services industry should not exist because they don’t beat the market. But you can’t seriously be advocating for everyone to day trade?

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We have an understanding and thus far we have made it work. I am not asking for extra raises and promotions. That isn’t freedom to me.

Its also a 24/7 operations. I am signed up to take calls in the middle of the night and on weekends if necessary.

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Freedom, bruh…Some people need more. Some people need less.

I don’t think we’ve seen bottom yet. Remember that massive Omnibus Bill? Trillions of dollars of taxpayer money? We are about to get crushed by all the new taxes outlined in the Bill no one read before voting it into law. This year is going to be absolutely brutal for people who are barely getting by.


No idea what you’re saying, sorry.

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Most likely a decade of inflation going up and down