Stock Market 2023

10000 pages of legalese released at 1.30am for voting the next day, no less.


Gold has broken out…its too speculative and early for me.

I am going to wait for the fed to officially pause and then find the delta between the interest rate and target inflation rate of 2%.

I thought you said gold is stupid? I bet gold beats the S&P again this year.

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Never said that. I just dont want to physically store it. I will trade the stocks.

It probably will.

Lol you tried busting my balls about owning gold. No big deal, I enjoy laughing at you too.

Is it too late to buy gold?

What do you mean by too late?
Its better today then yesterday.

Premium on the miners is some of the best yield out there. They have stayed above their 50 day since 11/4.

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No way. Everyone should have gold in their portfolios, including now, especially now. My opinion at least.


Not at all, but it’s a long term hold. If you aren’t planning to hold it for at least a few years then you probably shouldn’t buy it.

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What gold stocks are you guys buying?



I like LABU on down days within its up cycle (like today). Its been predictably swinging from $6-$8.

Thats all its been doing for months.

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I have only bought physical coins and bars, not stocks. Got them between $600-$1000 an oz. Now they are all worth over $1800 an oz and they are accessible to me in a secure location unlike the digital coin I bought on Gemini a couple of years ago.


Say what?

The only downsides to an ETF are the transaction fees (which funds can have too and some large ETFs are now free to trade at certain firms) and their indivisibility. If you want to purchase $5000 worth of an ETF trading at $257. You’d only be able to invest $4,883, or 19 shared of it. 20 shares would require another $140. Mutual funds allow you to purchase fractiional shares and small amounts.

Not a big deal if the transaction size is big or infrequent but if a mutual fund is probably better for a regular, weekly, deposit schedule.

The fees on the vast majority of mutual funds completely negate any benefits they may have. They’re just a product that financial institutions use for their benefit.

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If you’re investing $100/ week through a paycheck deduction though, ETFs are usually more expensive. And then there’s the case for active management (which I’m not personally a fan of). ETFs are usually passively managed.

Mutual funds also offer way more services to the owner. Some offer check writing services. They also don’t charge transaction fees.

There are still some applications for MFs. But generally I agree. ETFs are usually the better option.

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I’ve read literally the exact opposite. And i’ve bought fractional SPY shares.

Also, what transaction fees are you referring to? I’ve bought ETF shares before and paid no brokerage fee.

not the opposite. traditionally ETFs weren’t offered in fractional shares but very recently, some brokerages that have started to offer it. and it is usually not available for all ETFs just the bigger ones, it also usually comes with some other fee (quarterly maintenance, etc) or restriction, like trading windows, limited trade order types, liquidity etc. associated with it. you also often give up your voting rights.

commission-less ETFs, are usually only available on a small piece of the universe.

mutual funds have always used fractional shares sometimes subject to initial minimums, and a big reason they’re used in qualified retirement plans like 401(k)s.

The benchmark to compare to isnt the S&P 500 anymore. You have to beat 11 cents per day per $1000. And that benchmark is expected to go up and stay up.

Newmont pays over a 4% dividend. Or you can use options and swing trading techniques with stocks that move.

Or you can buy and hold some GLD and hope it climbs over $178 over the next year.

If you dont think you can do any of that then you just buy treasuries.

Whatever way works for you, bro.