Stock Market bragging

I bought HANS 2 months ago @ $114 its at 192 right now

70% gain in 2 months beotches

70 percent gain? Not if you didn't sell it, jerky boy.

Sweet trade Drift, kudos. You gonna hold or go flat?

goldman targets price at $230 theres more money to be made

Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

how many shares did you buy?

that shit is volitile

im diversified into 7 different stocks in different industries

they were my biggest holding when i bought it and now its about 25% of my portfolio

I scoff at your paltry 70 percent.

JDSU Bought $1.23...THOUSANDS of shares.

Today....$3.38 a share.

Another Example....

AVGN bought at $3.01.


"I remember this stock...lots of people watch this stock, I think. wasn't it once at over 300...Thats a great buy, probably has upside potential for awhile."

Yep. That was in the Interweb Bubble days. It wasn't making any money THEN. It is now and they are sitting on gobs of cash.

Jim Cramer of Mad Money is harping all over this and CNXT almost every episode. I can see why too. Everyone and their brother is getting broadband. These two companies service the broadband providers.

Again, sitting on HUGE amounts o' moola. Making more. I hope these stocks go apeshit soon.

Gonna buy more CNXT soon too.

Bought Microsoft at $11 a hundred years ago.

Sold @ $64 90 years ago.

eat me...

Jinx, Great move on Chipotle. Wish I knew about that one at the time of spinoff.

Im holding I know I know, but I just don't have a ton to invest at the moment. So I figure try finding a small time companies with promise, try to profit and when I have enough start investing in bigger companies. It's all on the side, I don't do it for a living. Im new and definitely open for suggestions.

Bought VLNC at $1.48 a couple months ago, now trading at $2.32. Not a bad payoff, but I am holding for better times.

I bought Owens-Corning on Monday for $1. Today it closed at $1.66.

If you read the Toledo paper anytime in the past three months, it was no secret that the company would settle its bankruptcy today.

I'm holding it until it goes back up to $5, which it was until panicky investors bailed out when the Senate failed to pass an asbestoa bill.

How do you guys find out about these stocks?

I need to start buying stocks

My company just reported $419 billion under management for April.

I get unsolicted spam emails advising me of stock opportunities. Should I go big?

any of you do futures? forex?

i like

i'm -$500