Stock Market CHEDDAR'ED! Get Your Stock Pics Here

Some of you know I make a Killing in the stock market. Consistently over 100k a month. Im gonna share some game with you guys. This weeks stock pick? One word. Coca-Cola

I love the stuff. I usually stop by 711 and get a 32 oz Coke and a few warmup taquitos before O make the 20 minute drive to LJS before I order another coke. Then on the way home I drop by 711 again and get a fill up since by then I killed the coke from LJS. My son loves the stuff too, I put it in his bottle and he stays hydrated.

Did you know coke shares recently dropped? Some homo soccer player thats popular over there apparently chunked coke bottles off a table and said to drink water. Water? No money in that, it literally rains from the sky. I literally shit in a big bowl of it. Babies arent even supposed to drink it straight.

Buy low, sell high. Now is the time to get in coke before the price rebounds! People are gonna realize soccer is gay, water sucks, and go back to drinking coke. And Cheddar Financials will profit cause we’re ahead of the curve. You can check in and thank me next week!




And Coca Cola is 2 words, fucksocket.

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Coca-cola is one word because it has a semi colon.


Hey boy, you better watch giving big cheddar attitude like that. He will drop you with one shot!

Heck ya! Solid advice big ched! I’m gonna buy as much coca cola as I can!

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turtle GIF


LOL at literally shitting in a bowl of it.

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I hate turtles!


Thank you KJ! I would advise you both to buy actual coke cause its delicious and coke stock. Also when you buy coke to drink, they just made a sell, which means the stock price goes up. This is a little known strategy I have employed.

I still have hundreds of kool aid packets from when I went heavy on their stock and manipulated the market by buying thousands of packets.

Me too. Earlier I watched a video on 15 turtles you wouldn’t believe exist.

That’s all I have to say about it, I guess.

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Oh, you HATE them…I thought you said you liked them.

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Turtles mess up fish ecosystems and they arent cool like in the cartoons. They are slow, boring, and arrogant. Half are old as shit too.

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Damn! OP is a genius. Every time I think OP couldnt possibly be any cooler, he reveals his next great skill and just makes me appreciate him more.

Finally a OGer who truly understands the market!

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You’re fucking weird motherfucker and I wouldn’t be sad at all to see you banned. Why the fuck are you constantly posting this shit. Go fuck yourself man.


Thanks for the backup man. Hotwife Holly is OUTA LINE!

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Tk why you being a jerk? What has big cheddar ever done to you?

And YOU have definitely posted way worse shit that him once upon a time. You know what I’m talking about lmao

Edit: sorry. I thought you were trying to bully my friend! Many many apologies. Yeah that guy posting someone hanging was weird as hell. I didn’t like that either!

I think hes going after hotwife holly for going after me!

He’s been posting this shit in the never not funny thread too. Not cool.

Hes probably suicidal cause so many other guys banged holly in front of him.